Social media has revolutionized the way that we communicate. Businesses, brands, and even NGO’s can take advantage of this media evolution to further the reach of their mission to the general public. An effective social media strategy is not that challenging to plan and execute, all it takes is a bit of research and help from professionals.

Effective social media marketing campaigns have the potential to drive your NGO out of obscurity and into the eyes of your target niche. Here are five tips that you can use to create a social media marketing strategy that improves your reach to your audience and converts more people to support your mission.

#1 What Are the Hottest Trends?

The first step in creating your perfect social media strategy is to analyze your audience. Do a thorough stocktake of your current social accounts, as well as your followers and followings. Once you have sifted out all of the spam accounts, make sure that you are following all of your clients, industry authorities and industry influencers that you are aware of on your social platforms.

The next phase of your research should be on what your target niche is saying about relevant issues in your community. Identify posts that create a lot of engagement and comments. These posts will serve as a model that you can use when you create your content. Understanding what inspires, motivates, and excites your target audience is critical in planning your social media strategy, so spend some time reviewing as much content as you can.


#2 The Shock Factor Will Get You More Exposure

Using the shock factor to increase the impact of your content can have impressive results. However, industry experts warn that using it in your content too often will have a diminishing return of value. If to much offensive content is used, you run the risk of desensitizing your audience to your cause and labeling your NGO as a Doom-porn brand. Avoid this pitfall by tactfully choosing when to use shocking content and when to leave it on the shelf.

#3 Using tools to Help Your Research

There is a multitude of tools and software programs that you can use in your social media research. Analytics tools like Websta and Buzzsumo allow you to track current trending activity on your platforms and identify trending hashtags, enabling you to ride the wave of exposure for as long as possible. Software can help you identify influencer accounts and create an outreach strategy to get them on board with your mission.

#4 Use Intelligent infographics

A picture says a thousand words and using infographics in your social media posting is an excellent way to present critical facts, statistics, and points by using captivating images to enhance the information. Nobody wants to read through extended paragraphs of information, even if it is relevant and exciting. People’s attention spans online are short, so infographics provide a valuable way to reach your audience and give them the information they need while remaining entertaining.


#5 The Importance of an Online Presence

Every company needs an online presence. Doing all you can to boost your NGO’s online activities will end up producing results. It may take months for your campaigns to gain traction, but when they do, you can expect exponential growth in all of your accounts across all platforms.

If you find that you do not have the time available to launch a social media campaign, then consider working with professionals to create a strategy such as tips to launch a monthly giving program, execute it for you, and then give you the feedback about the projects engagement and conversion rates. Professionals can arrange everything for you and track the analytics, reporting on all progress directly to you. Why do it yourself when you can leave it to the professionals and free up your time for activities that demand your immediate attention.

The Final Thought

If you follow these five simple tips, you can expect to understand your niche and the kind of content they consume regularly. You will also learn the tools and strategies you need to create viral content that will be shared by millions of people. If you partner with a professional social media marketing company, you will have a firm grasp of your niche and what needs to be done to create a social media marketing strategy that produces the results you desire.

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