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How Your Smartphone Can Effectively Secure You

security apps
With awesome features like GPS, video and wireless capabilities, you can now turn the average smartphone into a handy security device. Whether you are trying to locate a missing car, suspect that there’s an intruder in your house or are walking home alone at night,...
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7 Big Problems AI Is Solving

cortana ai
There’s no escaping it. Wherever you turn, someone is probably talking about artificial intelligence (AI), and how it’s going to completely change the way humanity does, well, everything. At its core, AI will help us solve problems that are far too difficult for us to...
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Taking The Simple Route With Medical Inventory Software

medical inventory
The behind the scenes efforts of the medical industry can be tricky to navigate when the main focus is put on serving the patients. With that goal in mind, the industry is still built on businesses, which must run smoothly and effectively in order to...
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Game of War- Fire Age Review

There is a gamer in everyone who owns a smartphone. Of all the entertainment options a smartphone offers, gaming holds the no 1 spot. A new game is released every fortnight and app updates periodically. With every new update a new level or character is...
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Getting Accountable – Mitigating Inefficiencies as an SME

Minimising inefficiencies when you’re operating a SME is paramount for your businesses success – both for the long and short term. We understand that many small businesses work on tight margins, too. As a result, small business owners are always looking for ways to reduce...
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The Power of Programmatic Video for Mobile App Marketing

Mobile App Marketing
Successfully marketing an app in today’s fast-paced mobile landscape depends on several factors: understanding how to reach mobile users in a meaningful way and taking advantage of the latest tech advances to do so. Optimizing your ad spend means reaching the right mobile users in...
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Top 10 Free Music Downloader Apps For Android

Apps For Android
Do you live music? Music is a language on its own that has its own vibrations, cure and love. It can surely turn you on if you are low, help you convert anger or even boost up your fun. Well listening and downloading music is...
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10 Books CEOs Recommend You Read

Despite the meteoric rise of the internet, reading a good old book is still the most significant source of learning. It goes without saying that the books are the essential source of information and new thoughts. They are treasury where we can find the answers...
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Best Games like Skyrim for Android

Mobile Gaming Industry isn’t really that big as of now, in fact, you could say it’s in its initial stage. As days are going by, a lot of new games are being launched in the Google Play Store and App Store. The current ongoing trend...
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