This week on the show we talk about our new Patreon Page to start the show. We then get into Skycoin and other deregulated internet currency. We talk about Skycoin and John McAfee’s involvement in bitcoin and his plan to run as a libertarian in 2020 which was announced via Twitter. Bill Marr gets people upset by making some nasty comments about Stan Lee online. Apple sales are slowing a bit. Microsoft and Google have quality control issues plus much more..

Today We Talk About…

  • John McAfee Owns Part of Skycoin
  • Bill Marr Has A Blog Post About Stan Lee That Upsets People
  • Microsoft Pulls Some Non-Security Updates For Microsoft Office 2010, 2013 and 2016 That It Released Earlier This Month
  • Ivanka Trump Used Personal Account For Emails About Government Business
  • Daniel’s Hosting was hacked this week and taken offline server’s root account was also deleted, and that all 6,500+ Dark Web services hosted on the platform are now gone.
  • Instagram Is Cracking Down On Services That Sell Likes, Followers
  • Google’s Wear OS Gets Battery Life Improvements
  • Apple to cut iPhone production by 30%
  • Sony Won’t Be Attending E3 2019
  • Microsoft’s Building a Disc-Less Xbox One for Release in 2019
  • Digital trade-in Program For XBox Games
  • Microsoft Is Putting Ads on the Mail App in Windows 10
  • Skype Calling is Now Available on Alexa
  • OneDrive Gets Integrated Into Skype
  • Walmart Overtakes Apple as No. 3 Online Retailer in US
  • Microsoft Tests Revamped Outlook Design With Dark Theme Support on Mac
  • LinkedIn Really Wants to Get Along With the Cool Kids


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