• Wrestling In A Technology World With Guest Dustin Smothers Today on the show guest Dustin Smothers from the Pro Wrestling Iowa Podcast joins us and gives us a great podcast title “Look at the size of that ham hock”.  We talk about what the wrestling industry was like before computers and the internet. We talk about Pay Per View (PPV) before the WWE network and we answer some listeners questions. We talk about our picks for the Royal Rumble and TNA Wrestling. Listen As We Talk About…. Royal Rumble 90s monday night wars – no internet spoilers (eric biscoff giving away results) The Pay Per View industry down hill WWE Reinventing PPV with Network (UFC doing it year after week) WWE Network 1.4 million subscribers fastest growing network since Netflix WWE Shop Online vs calling 1 800 number during pay per view WWE Titan Sports Name WWE VHS Business in 90s WWE DVD Business because of network WWE Interactive started Taboo Tuesday WWE Raw and Smackdown Live on Network???
  • Kickstarter and Airbnb with Guest Kaytlin Bailey Kaytlin Bailey joins us today to talk about social media, the internet, and life as an indy comic. We talk about being on the radio at 3 am in morning. We talk about living in the New York City and being a comedian. Using Kickstarter as a way to sell tickets and set up shows. Kaytlin talks about how exhausting technology can be on daily basis. We talk about Air B & B. We get a digital tour of Kaytlin’s apartment. We talk about New York real estate prices. We talk some politics and have a fun talking about it plus more. Kickstarter Indy Artist Podcasting vs Radio Fan Funded Vs. Having An Agent Podcasting in the city Controlling Content On The Web Free Speech Kickstarter For Kaytlin Bailey –
  • January 5, 2017

    Google Is The Internet

    Today on the show we talk about the change in culture and how people post inappropriate photos of themselfs online and how hard it is to get rid of those things once there on the web. We talk about a father almost killing his daughter of Snapchat photos. We talk about how Google is the internet and the gatekeeper of the web. Much Much More… Join Us Today As We Discuss…. Kids Posting Photos Online Google Images And How They Work Netflix White Rabbit Project (Mythbusters Build Team) YouTube Red Movie The Thinning My TVLine Up over the holiday Tom Clancy Rainbow 6 And Much More…..
  • December 20, 2016

    Yahoo Accounts Worth Nothing

    Today on the show we talk about the world wind that is Yahoo from its peak in the dot-com boom to the Verizon purchase. We get into how a billion Yahoo user accounts are only worth $300,000 on the dark web compared to what a billion Gmail accounts would be worth. We talk about Apple immune to buyer remorse and Bluetooth ear buds. And Much More… Join Us Today As We Talk About… Yahoo a billion user accounts only worth $300,000 on dark web Apple air buds late to market 69 dollar replacement Super Mario run now available Google drive makes it easy to switch from iPhone Verizon AOL yahoo but not twitter Fitbit not killing off pebble 21st-century buying sky Ampme stereo app Samsung releasing update to kill note 7 Verizon not allowing it MacBook bar insult there is MacBook without bar iOS 10.2 now adds tv / emoji / time renaming feature YouTube Red Revenue explained CES in January ISP block large file hosting Instagram doubled its user base in 2 years Cisco discontinued cloud tells users move azure or AWS Direct tv now struggling because of users usage Amazon delivers first package by drone
  • December 9, 2016

    YouTube Red Review

    Today on the show we get into the tech news of the week. We dive into YouTube Red and is it worth the money. We talk about Microsoft and some new apps coming to the iPad and Linkedin being Microsofts new company. We get into Google’s new projects and gaming systems. Plus Much More Netflix keeps bandwidth low encoding vp9 Amazon self driving convenience store 70 laptops get left at airports month People sued Microsoft over windows 10 people winning 750 n 10000 dollars Hulu ads 4K on Xbox 1 n PS4 Microsoft home hub Google trusted contacts only on android Spotify In house recordings weekly Hbo cinamax threw amazon Online buyers spent 1.9 billion thanksgiving Hbo not as popular as time warner hoped Times suppose buy sports illustrated Pandora to be bought by SiriusXM Go pro slashing over 200 jobs Daily motion hacked Sports dvr proof YouTube pays music biz 1 b Hp shutting down default ftp telnet access to network printers Google adds 4K video content
  • December 2, 2016

    Microsoft Surface Studio Review

    Today on the show we review the new Microsoft Surface Studio the i5 and the i7 model. We get into swipekey boards and curved display monitors. We talk about the Microsoft Insider Program, Gears of War 4, cloud storage and much more… Join Me Today As We Discuss Microsoft Surface Studio Gears of Wars 4 Swipe Keyboard HD Displays Microsoft Insider Program Offline Mode On Netflix We Answer Your Questions What brand of PC should I buy for the holiday? How should I deal with ransomware? Is mifi hotspot better then using your phone as hotspot? Movies to DVD websites are they good? Can I message with Signal?
  • November 30, 2016

    Microsoft News Week

    Today we get into the new podcast schedule and what where doing with our premium membership. We get into tech Black Friday Sales and news of the week lots of Microsoft News. We get into Apple and Microsoft partnership. Much Much more….. Microsoft Selling Nokie Black Friday Skype Integrates iOS 10 Adobe Photoshop elements for sale on Microsoft store Grammarly Dedicated support line for surface studio owners Microsoft bringing solitaire coming to android n iOS Chaseable tiles on Microsoft Instagram live Groove does not offer family plan Cortana does todo list Visual Basic 2017 on mac Echo Touchscreen
  • November 13, 2016

    Apple Needs The iPhoneSE

    This week on the show we talk about the Disney Magic Band. i talk about science and the Epcot Center. We dive deep into how the iPhoneSE has helped and hurt Apple in the mobile market. I talk about the book The Shining and Tested with Adam Savage. We talk about social media and it’s effect on the election. I talk about Audible and audiobooks. I get into the Microsoft Surface Studio and much more….. Join me today as I talk about…. iPhone SE Disney Magic Band Microsoft Surface Studio The Shining By Stephen King Social Media Election
  • November 4, 2016

    Apple Envy

    This week on the show we go into past events the Windows 10 event, Apple Macbook event and Office 365 event. We talk about Steve Ballmer and his Apple Envy and how Microsoft dropped the ball on the Windows phone. We talk about Apple and Microsoft earning reports. We get into Skype and the brand recognition vs Google Hangouts. We go into the security of iMessage and Apple bug bounty price vs Google Android pricing. Plus Much More….. Join Me Today To Talk About… Apple Earnings Report Microsoft Earning Reports iMessage Security New Macbook Pro New Windows 10 Surface Facebook Workplace Apple Bug Bounty Skype