Today on the show we run down some of the security news of the week. We talk about the Pwn2Own results between Android and iOS. Last Wednesday Mozilla announced the addition of a new feature for FireFox. Google will open project fi to other devices and YouTube removing annotations on January 15. Brandon talks about a deal on the Cortana Invoke Speaker and much more…

Today We Talk About

  • Dell Resets All Customers’ Passwords After Potential Security Breach
  • US Postal Service Left 60 Million Users Data Exposed For Over a Year
  • 3 New Code Execution Flaws Discovered in Atlantis Word Processor
  • Mozilla announced new features for FireFox
  • Mobile Pwn2Own Results
  • YouTube To Make New Originals Available For Free, Ad-Supported Viewing
  • Google To Open Project Fi To iPhone, Samsung, and OnePlus
  • YouTube Will Remove All Pop-up Annotations on January 15
  • Microsoft Releases Cumulative Updates for Older Windows 10 Versions
  • Amazon Confirms Monday was its Biggest Day Ever
  • Microsoft Briefly Took Over Apple As the Most Valuable US Company


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