If you have been reading my G Suite vs Office 365 Series Round 1 and G Suite vs Office 365  Series Round 2 have key points you should read as well. When it comes to comparing G Suite vs Office 365 in education you cannot even compare these two products. Both Google for education and Office 365 for education are free for all schools K-12. 

Google Classroom’s document sharing, data collection, communication channels, and closed environment are great benefits. It’s very easy to start a classroom helpful instruction guide you through the entire processOnce you add students, sharing is even easier; you just send resources to the entire class. Googles tight app integration, ease of use, people’s familiarity with Gmail and Android have pushed education towards Google. Googles well-designed chrome browser and a huge selection of apps in the chrome apps store makes G Suite for education an easy pick for schools. 

Microsoft partnered with PowerSchool’s largest student and education manager in the industry to help them gain ground on Google who is dominating this market in the united states.  

Microsoft Office 365 for Education gives educators access to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive and all the core features of Office 365. Microsoft Teams also helps teachers collaborate on lesson plans and school events. Microsoft’s built-in video conferencing tools for Teams gives teachers another way to connect across schools and districts. Skype is another powerful tool allowing school districts to communicate with other districts across the world which is something I don’t see anyone doing with Google Hangouts. 

Google puts out cheap Chromebooks which are very cheap compared to traditional computers while Microsoft tried to compete with the cheap Chromebook by putting out Windows S, but it failed due again to Googles well-designed chrome browser and a huge selection of apps in the chrome apps store. 

Google has taken things to the next level with Chromebooks offering integration with printing using cloud print and integration with content filter companies and many others. 

While many schools do use Office 365 for education and many schools who have computers may not want to go down the path of Google for education. When push comes to shove you can’t argue with the success of G suite for education, they are winning the united states education market hands down.