The version of Google Chrome76 will display an install button when a Progressive Web App (PWA) is available. The move by Google is expected to help drive further adoption of the PWA platform being pushed by Google, Microsoft and other web browser developers.

Google explains on their blog

“In Chrome 76 (beta mid-June 2019), we’re making it easier for users to install Progressive Web Apps on the desktop by adding an install button to the address bar (omnibox). If a site meets the Progressive Web App installability criteria, Chrome will automatically show an install icon in the address bar. Clicking the button prompts the user to install the PWA.”

Google goes on to explain to developers

“If your PWA has use cases where it’s helpful for a user to install your app, for example if you have users who use your app more than once a week, you should be promoting the installation of your PWA within the web UI of your app.”

Google explains there are three key ways you can promote the installation of a PWA app Automatic browser promotion, Application UI promotion and Inline promotional patterns.

Google as of late has been very aggressive with changes to Chrome announcing they will be taking away adblocking apps, auto-playing ad videos and now adding PWA installs by default.