The Washinton Post and many other blogs are reporting a new lawsuit just filed between Sonos and Google. Sonos is suing Google for stealing patented technology used in Sonos speaker technology that allows for Sonos speakers to work in multiple rooms.

In the lawsuit, Sonos is alleging that Google copied their code and used it in Google Home and Pixel devices and the discontinued Chromecast Audio devices. This all started in 2013 when Google gained access to Sonos’s technology through a partnership between the two companies allowing Sonos’s speakers to work with Google Play Music.

Google denied the claim of course but the case comes with serious allegations staying Google subsidized the prices of speakers with Sonos patent technology flooded the market with entry-level devices much cheaper than Sonos making it so consumers could buy products with the technology for a much lower cost hurting Sonos business.

The case could carry consequences if Google should they lose to who is Sonos demanding unspecified damages and the halting of sales of all devices with patented technology like Google Home speakers, Pixel phones, tablets, and laptops.

That case is still pending.