Only a few decades ago, we were living in a time of corded phones and MS Dos technology. Now, tech savvy teens are making more money than adults working at an executive level. According to a study from MTV Insights, one of the reasons why teens are believed to be more tech-savvy than members of the older generation is their pragmatic approach to everything in life, technology included.

How do they do it? They do not take anything at face value and will question every new technology before fully embracing it. Consider these lessons taken from successful young entrepreneurs.

Marketing for the Digital Age

Teenagers are remarkable at sharing information and remaining in constant contact with the rest of the world. It is this knowledge that makes them such effective marketers. Social media has become the easiest way to reach thousands of consumers simultaneously, and teens are veritable experts at using things like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to grow a following and push their marketing products like smart bots. You should never miss an opportunity to catch a product in action, or to share a part of their life that might make them more relatable to their target audience. This brings up the question of currency in the future, and cryptocurrency seems to be the gold standard.

Even teens are getting in on the cryptocurrency game. Only a few short years ago, magazines reported on Eric Finman, a 15-year old who turned his grandma’s Easter gift into a $99,000 profit when he invested it with Bitcoin. From here, he continued to invest in his startup e-learning business and quickly reached the top tier for business tech. Teens have a clearer vision of what cryptocurrency will become, and their spending habits can indicate upcoming trends. This is due to an era of online spending that’s still new to older generations.

Gaming is a Living

When most people were young, video games consisted of digital ping-pong and pixelated adventures. Teenagers have a very different experience in the gaming industry. Dooma Wendschuh recognized the need for quality content in games like Assassin’s Creed and built a marketing empire at a young age. Designing games and related components is a real job, and quite possibly one of the most profitable industries poised for future growth. Even children are learning computer coding at the preschool level. You shouldn’t allow antiquated ideas to slow your business down.

One of the most valuable lessons that can be learned from watching teenagers is the ultimate simplicity of creating a product. It’s as simple as seeing a need an understanding how to fill it. Teenagers have a linear way of thinking that allows them to see a very basic view of supply and demand. This goes far beyond products that people see on shelves. They see the demand in a digital world and create applications and programs to fill it. Taking this theory of simple exchange and applying it to advancing technology can give any entrepreneur an edge.

Trends Really Matter

Teenagers have an uncanny ability to know what’s coming next in the tech industry. You should keep an ear to the ground and pay careful attention to what the younger generations are talking about. Their inherent knowledge of trends in the tech business has helped many of them to anticipate the next big thing, and to put their million-dollar ideas to use. Digital fashion has become huge, and teens like Bella Weem, the founder of Origami Owl, have taken the idea of customizable accessories to the next level. There’s no limit to what you can do with an idea and the internet.

Don’t Get Left Behind

It’s tempting to resist taking the plunge into the current tech landscape, but worth it for those with the imagination and drive to do more. You shouldn’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone. Remember that if you don’t, you will find yourself left behind in an ever-changing industry.