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Hulu Is Now A Windows 10 Progressive Web App

Hulu Support Confirms via Twitter that the latest version of the Hulu app for Windows 10 is now a progressive web app. @hulu_support Hi, I just opened the Hulu app on my Surface Go and look what I saw. Are you guys making a Progressive...
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Walgreens Partners With Microsoft

Brad Sams from reports via Twitter that the Walgreens Microsoft partnership will, in fact, includes 380,000 licenses of Microsoft 365. 380,000 Walgreens employees moving to Microsoft 365. Someone is getting a yuge bonus for landing that. — Brad Sams (@bdsams) January 15, 2019
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DuckDuckGo Is Adding Apple Maps

apple mapkit js
DuckDuckGo which has been a secure alternative to users not wanting to use Google for search is now adding a map feature using Apple MapKit JS. While this is a huge feature add for DuckDuckGo this is a huge win for Apple who is known...
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How FinTech is Changing the Way People Manage Their Money

82% of financial institutions are expected to increase their fintech partnerships over the next three to five years with some already investing in artificial intelligence to enhance either their customer relations or banking processes. This is great news for customers interacting with banks and other financial institutions...
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4 Tips for Keeping Your Tech Safe from Theft

security lock
Protection from losing your tech gear to enterprising people who have sticky fingers has sadly become very necessary. Whether it’s a difficult economy or a tough job market to blame, people often fall on the wrong side of the law when times become more difficult....
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Microsoft is ending Windows 7 support one year from today

Today is an important date to note for Windows 7 users, because in exactly a year’s time, on January 14, 2020, all support for the operating system will cease, meaning that Microsoft will no longer deliver updates or critical security patches. In other words, you’ve...
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