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  • Quick launch summary  Earlier this year we announced the ability to use your Android phone’s built-in security key for two-factor authentication in G Suite. Now, you can use devices with Android 7.0+ (Nougat) to verify your sign-in to Google and Google Cloud services on Apple iPads and iPhones. Admins can learn how to enforce the use of security keys in their organization by visiting the Help Center.  End users can activate the security key on their Android device and use it to verify iPhone and iPad logins More Via Google Blog
  • Microsoft has released a new firmware update for its Surface Go tablet last week, as noticed by Windows Blog Italia. The new updates are available for all devices running Windows 10 April 2018 Update, version 1803 or greater, and they should bring pen and touch improvements. Here’s what you should be seeing in windows Update: Surface Pen Settings – System devices: 23.608.139.0 improves device pen support. Surface Touch – Firmware: improves device touch performance. As usual, firmware updates for Surface devices roll out gradually, so don’t worry if you’re not getting these updates on your Surface Go yet. The 10-inch tablet will soon celebrate its first anniversary in August, and Microsoft may well release an updated model with faster specs this year. Back in February, AdDuplex notedthat the Surface Go had quickly become the fourth most popular Surface device, right between the Surface Pro 3 and the Surface Pro 6. Via OnMSFT
  • At Microsoft Education, we believe learning never ends. That’s the approach we take with our products, too. Our team is constantly on the road meeting with students, teachers and administrators around the world to learn how we can keep improving and evolving. Thanks to all of you who’ve shared your time and feedback with us; we’re thrilled to share what we’ve been working on. This summer, a simpler, faster and more seamless user experience is coming to schools using Teams for Education. Here’s a sneak peek! Via Microsoft
  • Yesterday I just got another Microsoft HealthVault shut down notification. IMPORTANT NOTICE ABOUT YOUR MICROSOFT HEALTHVAULT SERVICE Microsoft HealthVault service to end November 20, 2019 This notice contains important information from the HealthVault team at Microsoft. Please read this notice immediately; it contains time-sensitive information that may require you to take action. We are reaching out to you because you are a registered user of the HealthVault service. We are providing you this notice to ensure you are aware of an important development: The Microsoft HealthVault service will be shut down as of November 20, 2019. Data you have in your HealthVault account will be deleted effective November 20, 2019. If you wish to keep the data in your account, you need to take action now to transfer that data from your HealthVault account. Please take appropriate action to move your data or information you may have stored in your HealthVault account. To help customers that wish to transfer their data out of HealthVault, several options are available and described below. If you are using an Application (mobile, web, etc.) that is dependent on the HealthVault service, such applications may also stop working once the HealthVault service is shut down. Please reach out to the Application provider for information on their plans. We appreciate your use of the HealthVault Service. If you have questions regarding this communication please do not hesitate to reach out toHealthVault Customer Support. The HealthVault Team Microsoft Corporation
  • Microsoft and Oracle announced a new alliance today that will see the two companies directly connect their clouds over a direct network connection so that their users can then move workloads and data seamlessly between the two. This alliance goes a bit beyond just basic direct connectivity and also includes identity interoperability. This kind of alliance is relatively unusual between what are essentially competing clouds, but while Oracle wants to be seen as a major player in this space, it also realizes that it isn’t likely to get to the size of an AWS, Azure or Google Cloud anytime soon. For Oracle, this alliance means that its users can run services like the Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle JD Edwards on Azure while still using an Oracle database in the Oracle cloud, for example. With that, Microsoft still gets to run the workloads and Oracle gets to do what it does best (though Azure users will also continue be able to run their Oracle databases in the Azure cloud, too). More via Techcrunch
  • Financial investments are among the more important things we need to track in everyday life, and millions of people choose Excel to manage their budgets and track their assets. To help make this seamless, last year we introduced Stocks, a Data Type in Excel powered by artificial intelligence (AI), which turns a stock ticker into an interactive entity with layers of rich information like price, change, currency, and much more. Today, we’re excited to announce we’re working with Nasdaq and Refinitiv to pull current financial information for the full range of U.S. exchange-listed equities, including stocks on the Nasdaq Stock Market, the world’s largest exchange company, and from Refinitiv, one of the world’s largest providers of financial markets data and infrastructure, right into the Excel Stocks Data Type. The Stocks Data Type turns Excel into a more robust tool for tracking personal investments, enabling you to track the latest stock prices, trading volume, and other financial information without leaving Excel to search outside sources. Now with trusted, real-time data from Nasdaq and Refinitiv, this becomes even better. Stocks in Excel now expands financial data to include bitcoin, bonds, international currencies, extended-hours pricing information and information about the company, like industry and company description, in addition to other previously available data like mutual funds and stock indexes, such as the Nasdaq Composite, Dow Jones Industrial Average, the S&P 500, and more. More Via Microsoft
  • At the start of May Dell announced an Ubuntu Linux option for their entry-level ~$700 Precision laptop while now they are closing out May by offering up Ubuntu 18.04 LTS on their higher-tier Precision laptop models.  Ubuntu Linux has landed for the rest of Dell’s current generation Precision mobile workstation line-up with support for the Precision 5540, 7540, and 7740. The Precision 5540 offers options of Xeon E or 9th Gen Core CPUs with up to 64GB of RAM and options for a NVIDIA Quadro T2000. The Precision 7540/7740 meanwhile are more powerful mobile workstations with supporting up to 128GB of ECC RAM and latest generation processors. The Precision 7740 model can also accomodate NVIDIA Quadro RTX 5000 series graphics.  via Phoronix
  • Today, Amazon announced the newest addition to the Echo Show family—Echo Show 5. With its compact design, 5.5-inch display, rich sound, HD camera, and built-in camera shutter, Echo Show 5 lets Alexa show you things in every room of your home—all for only $89.99. “Since we launched the first Echo Show device, customers have told us they love asking Alexa to show them things—whether it’s a recipe for banana bread, their shopping list, or music lyrics. With Echo Show 5, we’ve made it even easier and affordable for customers to add a smart display to every room of their house,” said Tom Taylor, Senior Vice President, Amazon Alexa. “The compact form factor is perfect for a bedside table or desk, plus it has a camera shutter for added peace of mind, and new Alexa privacy features for even more control.” Via Business Wire
  • Microsoft is celebrating the 10th anniversary of launching Bing as its Internet search engine. But Bing wasn’t Microsoft’s first try at this market: It previously marketed MSN Search, Windows Live Search, and Live Search before recalibrating and recasting a rebranded Bing as a “decision engine” in hopes of differentiating it from Google Search. “Today we’re introducing a new kind of search that goes beyond traditional search engines to help you make faster, more informed decisions,” Microsoft’s Yusuf Mehdi wrote back on May 28, 2009. “It will do this by combining a great search engine (with powerful new features to improve your results for any query), more organized results, and unique tools to help you make important decisions. We think of Bing as a Decision Engine.” Most Internet users think of Bing as an also-ran: The service has never achieved double-digit usage share worldwide and now commands just 8.24 percent usage, compared to 75.5 percent for Google and 10.47 percent for Baidu. On mobile, Bing is nonexistent with just 0.82 percent usage share. More Via Thurrott