The behind the scenes efforts of the medical industry can be tricky to navigate when the main focus is put on serving the patients. With that goal in mind, the industry is still built on businesses, which must run smoothly and effectively in order to run at all. With tons of medical supplies, medications, and equipment to keep track of, the patient’s best interest can easily get lost in the wake of tedious administrative duties. Even in a world built on technology many medical companies are still using old school spread sheets or even pen and paper to manage their countless medical supplies. In the minds of some, that’s the simplest way to do it. However, once the labor hours start to add up and supplies expire or go missing due to miscommunications, the simple strategy becomes a giant headache. Luckily, keeping track of your medical inventory doesn’t have to be a challenge. Adopting an app like Sortly can give your company that step above the rest when it comes to organization.

Why People Are Scared of Medical Inventory Softwar

Just the word software can be intimidating to people who aren’t experts with computers or any type of technology for that matter. The word carries this stereotype that it’s going to be intricate, confusing, and can only be used by a tech-savvy employee or trained professional. While some software comes with this burden, there are plenty that target the layman. The idea behind the inventory management software app Sortly is that it can be used by anyone (given permission by your company), anywhere, and without any training. Forget having to know anything about computers, if you can read, you can use the Sortly app. The intuitive design targets users of any skill level and helps you regain control of your medical company’s operations, improve your inventory accuracy, protect your investments, and even save time and money when it comes to labor.

What Sortly Can Offer Your Company

Besides the stress relief that an inventory app like Sortly can practically gift you, it also includes a ton of features that will meet and surpass your inventory needs. To make the process of tracking your medical inventory as basic as possible, Sortly allows you to take pictures of the equipment, supplies, or medications that you’re tagging in the software. This way, you can literally see your inventory right in front of you and avoid having to guess what their labels mean. The design of the app outlines all of the information that someone checking out, using, replacing, or updating the inventory would need to know. This might include, expiration dates, the number of each product you have in stock, who last signed out the equipment, what temperature individual medications should be stored at, or when maintenance will be needed next on specific machinery. The best part is, you don’t have to dig to find this information. Simply click on the piece of inventory you need information about, and read.

With simplicity comes savings. Because the medical inventory app is so easy to use, it will save your company a ton of money in labor. It’s especially important in the medical industry that inventory is organized and easy to access. If a patient is experiencing an emergency, it’s crucial to their health that there are no hiccups in the operations of your company. When administration has to flip through pages and pages of notes on inventory, the patient is no longer receiving the care they deserve. Sortly, saves time for both employees who input inventory information as well as patients in crisis

We know that the main goal of any medical institution is to serve its patients. On the other hand, there’s always the goal of seeing profits. Steady and consistent revenue streams can be hard to maintain when your company doesn’t run like a well oiled machine. Losing clients or a drop in insurance payouts aren’t the only ways in which your company can see loss of profit. Inventory value is factored into your financials and so when they go missing or expire, they’re simply lost money. Once those costly medications that you forgot you had can no longer be used, the potential return on them is lost. In other instances, you might be forced to order new supplies or medications when you have perfectly good product somewhere in your inventory, you’re just not sure where. That extra inventory is also lost profit.

Medical institutions can be particularly risky to manage without automated software. Because of the influence and control you have over your patient’s lives, there are many rules and regulations that must be followed. Automated systems like Sortly make it easy to keep track of regulatory information that needs to be reported to higher-up authorities. One of the many examples of the compliance use of the app is that it’s much easier to identify missing or stolen medications with an automated system.

Sortly clearly offers many beneficial features to keep your medical inventory organized and in check. Current customers are especially fond of the team-friendly trait that allows the system to be viewed by more than one employee at a time. This means that they can view the system from different devices around the hospital, office, or other type of building. The system also syncs each time someone inserts or edits a piece of information, this way everyone who has access to the software sees the same thing.

Software Made Simple

Software isn’t always easy to navigate, but Sortly is. Anyone who works for, or runs a company in the medical industry knows how tough it can be to keep inventory organized, updated, an in it’s correct location. Using obsolete methods of inventory control like spreadsheets or notebooks is only going to make your current inventory problems worse. In today’s world of technology, why wouldn’t you take advantage of the most efficient and yet simple way to save time, stay organized, and increase profits?