With awesome features like GPS, video and wireless capabilities, you can now turn the average smartphone into a handy security device. Whether you are trying to locate a missing car, suspect that there’s an intruder in your house or are walking home alone at night, you will find an app that will make you feel more secure.

Allow bSafe to keep you company

The free personal safety app bSafe is worth having. Available in both Google Play and iTunes, this app includes an amazing array of personal safety features. You can use it to send private alerts to friends, informing them that you have arrived at your destination. The app will also let you send information about your changing GPS location, and make a fake phone call should you want to escape from an uncomfortable date or other such situations.

If you find yourself in a more urgent situation, bSafe can provide an audible alarm that also immediately broadcasts video captured by your phone as well as your GPS location. The app continually collects and records information that is shareable with the police. You can activate the alarm using the Follow Me Timer mode or manually. The timer mode will automatically send an SOS message if you fail to check in before the set timer is over. This feature is ideal for late night runs or for early morning jogs when you want to disturb people only when there’s an emergency.

A small drawback for the app is that family and friends designated as your guardian will have to download it as well and create a profile of their own.

Allow Kitestring to check on you

Kitestring’s features are more limited. A web-based service, the app checks in with you and informs your pre-selected contacts every time you fail to respond. Kitestring responds to your inaction.

Kitestring sends its check-ins using SMS texts, so it works with just about any mobile phone. You simply have to avail of its free services provided at the website kitestring.io. You can set up your phone and customize your SOS message, activating an SMS broadcast which will be sent out every 12 hours, 5 hours, 2 hours or 30 minutes. Simply text Kitestring to inform them of the number of minutes you’d prefer to have your SMS broadcast activated. Once your time is up, you receive a check-in text message. If you are unable to respond in 5 minutes, the app will inform your contacts. Kitestring includes check-in word and duress codes to ensure it would still work even if someone else takes control of your phone.

You may visit kitestring.io to learn more about the app.

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Be able to notify the police through SafeTrek

An emergency app, SafeTrek allows you to alert the police whenever you find yourself in danger. It includes a failsafe feature so you don’t end up unnecessarily contacting the police. The app alert function is launched by placing your thumb on the Safe button. Once you release your thumb, you will be asked to key in a 4-digit code. Failure to enter the code will automatically send an alert to the police.

This safety feature allows you to be ready in case you find yourself in a compromising situation that leaves you unsure as to whether you should alert the police. The app also lets you discreetly call for help.

You can download SafeTrek for free on Google Play and iTunes.

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Allow Bugle to keep track of your whereabouts even if you are away from your phone

Created for iPhone, the Bugle app was designed with input from search and rescue professionals. It was created primarily for cyclists, hikers, runners, and others, particularly those who would rather not take their phone with them when they are out and about. App users get to set where they are going and how long they intend to be gone. If they fail to check in after the set time, the app sends alerts to the emergency contacts via text and email.

Bugle is not only for people out exercising, it is also ideal for those meeting someone from Craigslist, going on a blind date or just about any activity that requires dealing with a stranger.

You can download the app for free on iTunes.

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Allow your Samsung phone to help you out with its Safety Assistance feature

Samsung Galaxy S7, S6 and S5 and Note phones offer great safety features. One such feature is called Safety Assistance. This is a built-in emergency tool that enables users to instantly notify pre-determined contacts in case they find themselves in immediate trouble.

You may configure and activate the Safety Assistance setting by tapping Settings > Quick Settings > Safety Assistance > Send Help Messages. After turning on the feature, you can start sending out an SOS alert by pressing the lock button of the phone three times. This will instantly send information that includes a brief voice recording, photos from your phone’s rear and front camera, and a map of your location.

You have to note that Samsung’s Safety Assistance is not a means to contact 911, and that poor network connection can block or delay your emergency alerts.

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Feel secure with comprehensive security services

Devices today continue to change and improve every day. It is possible to secure your house and family with just one mobile device. Many wireless alarm security systems allow you to operate your comprehensive security system with a few taps on your mobile device. It comes with apps that let you receive email alerts and text messages, view live video surveillance and control your home locks, lighting and thermostats remotely using your Android, iPad, and iPhone devices. Now you can stay in the know and take control wherever you may be.

There are also tracking services will also let you track your vehicles and assets in real time, as well as know where they are 24/7. This will help you keep tabs of your elderly loved ones and teenage drivers, and monitor and recover missing vehicles or stolen valuables. You can even receive alerts every time the vehicles you are tracking exceed speed limits or go beyond predetermined geographic boundaries. You can also use it for simpler functions like receiving real-time alert every time your child has arrived home from school.

The same technology you use to locate the hippest restaurant in town or to upload cute videos of your pet can now be used to keep yourself, your family, and your prized possessions safe or buy an iPhone.

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