There is a gamer in everyone who owns a smartphone. Of all the entertainment options a smartphone offers, gaming holds the no 1 spot. A new game is released every fortnight and app updates periodically. With every new update a new level or character is released.

Game of War- Fire age: About

Gaming through connecting to players globally is the crux of mobile app development. Game of war, a product of Machine Zone is one such strategy MMO with global potential. The foundation of the game framework is highly similar to other multiplayer strategy games exclusive for mobiles. Playing for the first time reminds the player of games from Kablam companies- similarly devised strategy games.

The game strategy is typical: the player is the king who must build a kingdom that has the most power. The game has multiple players all aiming for the same. The similarities between Game of War to others like The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle Earth and Kingdoms of Camelot are striking.

Playing the game

On downloading the game the first priority is setting up the kingdom. Naturally the kingdom will need defense structures apart from traps and walls. An army must be trained to wage wars on other kingdoms to loot and add to treasure.

The game cannot progress if alliances are not forged. It is dicey to form alliances because in a few cases the king can attack and attempt to overthrow your empire under the pretense of leadership. However, a trusting alliance will crush opposition and help achieve true colonial dominance.

Playing the game is straightforward: building resources is as said and updates are glitch free. The best part about the game is the process of crafting novel weapons. During war, the crafted weapons deliver to their full potential.

When attacking, the army is led by a warrior and his group. The armors and weapons for the hero can be customized.

Role of gold coins:

The gold is spent on upgrading resources and building all in- game facilities. Time taken to boost the hero’s power is also minimized by paying in gold. Rewards are collected at periodic intervals and by winning quests.

In app purchases:

It is common for all games to now offer IAPs. In Game of War- Fire age, the most important currency is gold. To buy 600 gold coins, the cost is $4.99 or € 2.99.

The unique chat system:

Unique to Game of war is the ability for players from different countries to form alliances that transcend the language barrier. When the game is downloaded an inbuilt translator translates the local language to keep the communication flowing amongst players. What’s more, while playing additional in-game rewards can be won when wrong words are translated.


Feature of alliance help in building a team with genuine unity against attackers and boosts all-for-one mentality in the team. Game graphics are the best as compared to others in the same genera. Undoubtedly, the best feature has to be the chat translator. Other games can take note and try implementing the same in their strategy mobile games. Another attractive feature of this game is that the entire kingdom can be teleported to a different site closer to the alliance kingdoms. This way your kingdom is always protected and an attacker finds a united front.


Game of war may seem indistinguishable with other mobile strategy games. At times, the screen may seem too crowded. The interface is better experienced on an iPad and not on the phone. Wrongful gain of power within the game is simple- all a player has to do is buy another by paying them off.

Scope for improvement: The game currently might be a nascent stage. Upgrades in terms of gameplay are necessary in order to hold the player’s interest. Target group for the game is restricted to only a selected crowd that enjoys multiplayer mobile strategy games.

Verdict: The game is highly addictive if such games hold your interest. The game lacks the ‘wow’ feature: game of war will not convert the uninterested group into downloading and playing the game. If building an empire is what you are best at, this game is worth trying out.