Month: April 2017

  • April 26, 2017

    Sesame Door Lock Review

  • Have you ever deleted a file accidently? Or thinking that you will not need that file in the future? But you need that now? You don’t need to worry about your lost data if you install EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. With this free data recovery software you can restore all of your lost data within minutes. It is the rescuer whenever you are stuck after losing your data and couldn’t find it. EaseUS Data Recovery is now available for Windows and Mac. Here we will discuss windows version which is windows 10 and see how easy and instant the recovery takes place. This program is very easy to download and it takes few minutes to get installed. No on faces such issues in installing it. It has further options while installing like; create desktop icon, which are self explanatory and need to be answered as you want the software to work. After the installation, it gets opened automatically if you “check” the “Launch EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard” option. How to Use: There are a few icons on the top-right corner which shows the options for feedback, import scan status, menu, minimize, maximize and close.  Although there is no menu bar but there is an easy UI that is very easy to use. From that menu icon, you can reach anywhere from language setting to online help from browser. What really convenient is lack of settings that bother a new user. You can start with “Home”. From home menu, you can manage and modify the file type like if you want to search for graphics, documents, email, audio, video or others. By this you will be moved to nest screen where you can choose the location where you want to search your lost data. That may be hard drive or any...
  • Microsoft announced yesterday that they will be committing to a predictable twice-a-year feature release schedule for Windows 10, Office 365 ProPlus and System Center Configuration Manager. Microsoft claims that a twice-a-year feature release schedules are more manageable and predictable for easier enterprise administrators. Bernardo Caldas / General Manager, Windows Commercial Marketing states in a post on Windows blog “We’re thrilled that Windows 10 continues to be the fastest-adopted version of Windows ever, with more than 400 million monthly active devices and ever growing adoption in the enterprise. ” Caldas goes on to say, “Our customers tell us a big part of that is because Windows 10 is the most secure version of Windows ever released and they see greater economic impact of their investment.” The twice-per-year feature releases are scheduled for September and March of each year, aligning with Office 365. The next Windows 10 feature update will be targeted for September 2017. Each Windows 10 feature release will be serviced and supported for 18 months.  System Center Configuration Manager will support this new updated models for Office 365 and Windows 10, making it easier for system administrators to keep everything up today for security and reliability reasons. Microsoft states this decision was made to make to make Windows 10 and Office easier to deploy in the business environment. Caldas also said, “The Windows, Office and E+MS teams will continue to seek more ways to make deployment easier, and we look forward to your continued feedback to help us with that process.” Microsoft is trying to make deploying and updating easy as possible because they want widespread adoption by systems administrators who will be the ones deploying the software in the business environment. This is very evident in their move to add System Center to this post knowing that’s what many Microsoft system admins use for deployment and update management. This is another play my Microsoft to...
  • April 20, 2017

    Top 5 File Sharing Apps for 2017

    Not long ago, we had to rely on Bluetooth to share our images and files. As the time passed, we entered the High Definition world and the size of files increased. Then it would take hours to send files with size over 500mb and there was nothing we could do to make it faster? Nothing except for waiting for these transfers to bore us till death so we could finally have the file on our phone. Gradually, this lead to a revolution which shocked the masses. File sharing applications made our lives easier by changing the file transferring scenario. These apps would offer transfer speed in terms of MBs and made file sharing much easier compared to the ‘The Bluetooth Era.’ We have come up a list of 5 applications which are the best for transferring files. It’s 2017 and it is about time you got rid of ‘The Bluetooth Era’ and upgrade your file sharing experience: Xender The name is enough. Undoubtedly Xender is one of the most famous file sharing application as of now. You can share files between mobile phones, it doesn’t matter if they carry the tag of being Android or have iOS. You can connect it with your computer and share files. Xender has a simple interface which is easy to use. To sum it up, it’s a complete package for your file transferring needs. Airdroid You can argue over the fact that Airdroid and Xender are twin brothers. They have similar features and their interface is identical as well. Like Xender, Airdroid offers high file transfer speeds. You can share files between phones with simple clicks. You can share files from your phone to your PC, PC to your phone without any problem. It also has various features like Contacts browser, device locator etc....
  • April 18, 2017

    Cortana For The Business Desktop

    There has been speculation for months about where Microsoft is going to take Cortana in the very competitive speech recognition and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Market. Amazon Echo the market leader using their device as an extension of their website and to better serve content consumption from their customer’s purchases have been out on the market and generating revenue. Google Home trailing second have already built and sold the brand using the product to collect search results and sell their products and services. Surprising Apple has yet to get into the market as they kicked off the push for voice commands with Siri on the iPhone. Microsoft with the huge Windows 10 push has managed to try and put Cortana on every desktop. But is the desktop a place where voice recognition and AI will have much growth. I know many users of Amazon Echo but I do not know many users that use Cortana on the desktop. When you think about Cortana on the desktop it makes a lot of sense I mean you can harness the power of your desktop by enabling Hey Cortana but I don’t see many people that do this. To enable Hey Cortana is simple Press the Windows key + S simultaneously to open Cortana. Click the Notebook button. It’s the little notebook icon underneath the house icon on the left side of your screen. Click on Settings. Click on the On/Off switch underneath the Hey Cortana heading. I like the fact that on my desktop I can Hey Cortana and say something like play music and it will pull up groove while I am in the middle of typing something. You can pull up Google in a meeting just by saying Hey Cortana open Google. I think these are valuable assets and tools for...
  • For many users, boosting wifi signals for their networks seems like an expensive task, for which they have to buy a new extender or powerline adapter. Some even think that you cannot boost your wifi signals until you update your router. That’s not true actually. You can boost your wifi signals without buying any of these fancy products. Yes, they help you a lot, but there are some other solutions too. Position your wifi router correctly Positioning your router correctly can help you cover your whole house with WiFi coverage. There’s no rocket science involved in this step. You just need to put your router in the middle of your house, away from metal objects and at some distance from the ground. That’s it, you’re good to go for the second step. Reboot your wifi router Just like our smartphones need a restart from time to time, a router needs to be rebooted on a certain time in order to stay ‘fresh’. Change your wifi channel Changing your current wifi channel can cast a positive effect on your wifi signals if you’re currently having a 2.4GHz router. Since 2.4GHz band only operates on 14 different channels, there is a chance that a single band is being used by a majority of the routers in your area. Switching to the least popular band in your area seems to be a good choice in that case. Go to this article to learn more about how to change your wifi channel. Upgrade your router antenna A majority of wifi routers have external antennas. If your router has external antennas too, you can upgrade them. Having high-quality antennas can certainly boost your wifi signals. Disable power-saving settings of your router Many routers have a by-default “Eco mode” that is designed to consume less electric...
  • April 14, 2017

    Why Apple Needs iPhone SE

    Apple recently announced a red iPhone while I don’t consider this a major announcement by Apple I find that another announcement made a little over a year ago would be a shocking game changer a year later. On March 21, 2016, Apple unveiled the iPhone SE and began shipping them on March 31, 2016. When the iPhone SE was first announced, I did not find this to be a big deal. I remember telling my friend and I quote “So now Apple making the iPhone as small as they used to I guess they ran out of ideas after making them bigger.” Little did I know that those words would be so untrue. The iPhone SE was a major game changer for Apple while I myself have an iPhone 6 Plus the iPhone SE started finding a home with a new crowd. I started to notice the iPhone SE showing up at a business that used to run Android. When I asked around the consensus from businesses I was getting was why buy an Android when an iPhone is the same price. The iPhone SE is priced at $399 for the 32GB model and then jumps to $499 for the 128GB version. The iPhone SE meets almost all the same specs as the iPhone 6s except for a smaller screen with less resolution, 3D Touch, less resolution facetime camera and few other smaller items this is done I believe in keeping cost down. The price point of the iPhone SE nipples away at the Moto X and Nexus price that was very attractive to businesses. Since Apple in generally held as let’s say the Cadillac of phones the attitude from business users which are general your iPhone users is “just get the iPhone for the same price”. The other appealing...
  • April 11, 2017

    Microsoft Is Set To Acquire Deis

    Microsoft is set to acquire Deis one of the leading companies that have innovated containers. Container technology gives organizations more flexibility to build, deploy and migrate apps to and from the cloud on a daily basis. Microsoft has seen increased growth in the container technology with the popularity of Azure over several years. Scott Guthrie – Executive Vice President, Cloud and Enterprise Group, Microsoft wrote in his post “Deis – a company that has been at the center of the container transformation. Deis gives developers the means to vastly improve application agility, efficiency and reliability through their Kubernetes container management technologies.” Going on to say “We’re excited to bring the Deis team and their technology to Microsoft. I look forward to seeing the impact their contributions will have on Azure and the Microsoft developer experience.” Deis will bring an in-depth knowledge of open source technology to the Microsoft community. Deis will be working to expand Microsoft already large portfolio of Windows, Linux, Hyper-V and Azure container technology. This purchase is another example of Microsoft going all in to keep their business market space growing and it’s one of Microsoft largest revenue streams and part of their mission to be a Software and Services Company.
  • Microsoft is getting into the in-app purchases business with the addition of their Minecraft marketplace store. Minecraft which Microsoft purchased in September of 2014 for $2.5 billion and has been the ambassador of with very few changes is now adding something to the game. The Minecraft Marketplace will offer maps, skins, and texture packs from developers that choose to enroll in the Minecraft Partner Program. There will be nine creators to start with and Microsoft plans to add more every month. The nine companies creating content for the Minecraft store to start will be Blockception Eneija Imagiverse Noxcrew Polymaps QwertyuiopThePie Razzleberry Fox Sphax BlockWorks Players will need an Xbox Live Silver or Gold account to make purchases. Just like many other games, you can buy these maps, skins, and textures from Minecraft marketplace using coins which can be purchased with real money. Microsoft has added this the Minecraft Marketplace and Minecraft Coins feature to make it safer and easier for players to purchase and play games safely without the risk of viruses or malware. Minecraft will include new features, including the ability to change how characters move, and the option to export structures to other programs to view and print them in 3D. The Minecraft Marketplace will be available on Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition and Minecraft: Pocket Edition via the 1.1 Discovery Update this spring.