Have you ever deleted a file accidently? Or thinking that you will not need that file in the future? But you need that now? You don’t need to worry about your lost data if you install EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. With this free data recovery software you can restore all of your lost data within minutes. It is the rescuer whenever you are stuck after losing your data and couldn’t find it.

EaseUS Data Recovery is now available for Windows and Mac. Here we will discuss windows version which is windows 10 and see how easy and instant the recovery takes place.

This program is very easy to download and it takes few minutes to get installed. No on faces such issues in installing it. It has further options while installing like; create desktop icon, which are self explanatory and need to be answered as you want the software to work.

After the installation, it gets opened automatically if you “check” the “Launch EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard” option.

How to Use:

There are a few icons on the top-right corner which shows the options for feedback, import scan status, menu, minimize, maximize and close.  Although there is no menu bar but there is an easy UI that is very easy to use. From that menu icon, you can reach anywhere from language setting to online help from browser. What really convenient is lack of settings that bother a new user.

You can start with “Home”. From home menu, you can manage and modify the file type like if you want to search for graphics, documents, email, audio, video or others. By this you will be moved to nest screen where you can choose the location where you want to search your lost data. That may be hard drive or any attached drives. However, you can only search from one destination at a time.

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The quick scan and deep scan button

Once you click the “scan” button on the bottom right corner, an immediate search is being done in less time. But if you opt for deep scan it searches 100 more files than the quick scan but it takes a few more hours than quick scan. You select deep scan by clicking the orange button at the bottom-left corner.

While scanning you can also stop and see your recovered files, almost 1 million files are recovered after the scan says that 7% has been recovered. While viewing you can change file type from separate file view to all files to see them in icons or files? Else, if you want to save your scan result, click on “Export Scan Status” to later on review you scan as Recovery State File (.rsf) with the data recovery sofware.


When you have recovered a file or more, then you right click to choose from each files that what file do you need to recover or you can select all and click on the “Recover” button.


Next you will be asked to choose a location for recovered files, you can choose any location to save your files or data.

However, the software offers a free trial from which you can scan and see what files are recoverable for your computer.