Not long ago, we had to rely on Bluetooth to share our images and files. As the time passed, we entered the High Definition world and the size of files increased. Then it would take hours to send files with size over 500mb and there was nothing we could do to make it faster? Nothing except for waiting for these transfers to bore us till death so we could finally have the file on our phone.

Gradually, this lead to a revolution which shocked the masses. File sharing applications made our lives easier by changing the file transferring scenario. These apps would offer transfer speed in terms of MBs and made file sharing much easier compared to the ‘The Bluetooth Era.’ We have come up a list of 5 applications which are the best for transferring files. It’s 2017 and it is about time you got rid of ‘The Bluetooth Era’ and upgrade your file sharing experience:



The name is enough. Undoubtedly Xender is one of the most famous file sharing application as of now. You can share files between mobile phones, it doesn’t matter if they carry the tag of being Android or have iOS. You can connect it with your computer and share files. Xender has a simple interface which is easy to use. To sum it up, it’s a complete package for your file transferring needs.



You can argue over the fact that Airdroid and Xender are twin brothers. They have similar features and their interface is identical as well. Like Xender, Airdroid offers high file transfer speeds. You can share files between phones with simple clicks. You can share files from your phone to your PC, PC to your phone without any problem. It also has various features like Contacts browser, device locator etc.



Superbeam is an application which offers file sharing between mobile phones. It does not matter if you own an Android device or an iOS device, you can share files at high transfer speeds with ease. It uses Wi-Fi direct technology to send files. You can share files by simply connecting two devices by scanning QR code which can save you a lot of time. You can share images, pictures, music, apps on Android whereas pictures on iOS.


Sharing images, files, pictures on the go without any problem has never been a problem for people who use Pushbullet. Android or iOS, it allows them all to share files. Phone to phone, phone to desktop, desktop to phone, you can share files easily.

A browser extension of Pushbullet increases its appeal. You can connect your desktop with multiple devices and share files. The browser article even lets you share links of articles to your friends. Along with the browser extension, there is an app for desktop as well. Pushbullet mobile app lets you send messages and share files with ease. The only downfall of Pushbullet is that you can share one file at a time but other features easily make it a top notch application which you just can’t afford to ignore.


We don’t need to introduce the application which is one of the most famous file sharing applications. It offers file sharing at high speeds just like the applications mentioned above. Its funky interface makes it quite unique and gives you a sassy feel. SHAREit lets you share multiple files at a time with ease. Connect your phone with another phone or any PC and you are ready to go. You are always one click away from sharing a file in seconds when you are using SHAREit.


There are many file sharing applications available in the market and you can download any one of the above five for the best user experience. These apps are designed in such a way to make file sharing easier and trust me; they will make you want to stop using bluetooth once and for all. Download any of the apps from the list and make your file sharing faster.

Author Bio: Swati is a passionate tech blogger who took to blogging to fill up some free hours and now does it full time. In her free time, she loves to cook exotic cuisine and reading technology updates.