For many users, boosting wifi signals for their networks seems like an expensive task, for which they have to buy a new extender or powerline adapter. Some even think that you cannot boost your wifi signals until you update your router.

That’s not true actually. You can boost your wifi signals without buying any of these fancy products. Yes, they help you a lot, but there are some other solutions too.

Position your wifi router correctly

Positioning your router correctly can help you cover your whole house with WiFi coverage. There’s no rocket science involved in this step. You just need to put your router in the middle of your house, away from metal objects and at some distance from the ground. That’s it, you’re good to go for the second step.

Reboot your wifi router

Just like our smartphones need a restart from time to time, a router needs to be rebooted on a certain time in order to stay ‘fresh’.

Change your wifi channel

Changing your current wifi channel can cast a positive effect on your wifi signals if you’re currently having a 2.4GHz router. Since 2.4GHz band only operates on 14 different channels, there is a chance that a single band is being used by a majority of the routers in your area. Switching to the least popular band in your area seems to be a good choice in that case. Go to this article to learn more about how to change your wifi channel.

Upgrade your router antenna

A majority of wifi routers have external antennas. If your router has external antennas too, you can upgrade them. Having high-quality antennas can certainly boost your wifi signals.

Disable power-saving settings of your router

Many routers have a by-default “Eco mode” that is designed to consume less electric power. What many people don’t know is that this small reduction of electric power can reduce the range of their wifi network. That’s why it’s better to turn it off.

To disable it, you simply need to go to your router’s settings and look for something like “Eco mode” to turn it off.

Update WiFi Adapter

An old wifi adapter can create problems for you, even if you have a latest AC wifi router. That’s why you should have an updated wifi adapter for the maximum boost of your wifi network.