Carbonite for Office Review

When dealing with computer hardware and software there is always the risk of failure. Backing up your data is one of the most important things you can do to protect yourself from data loss. If you’re a business and need data lost protection for business...
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Digital Fortress by Dan Brown Book Review

Digital Fortress by Dan Brown is a tech heavy thriller published in 1998 St. Martin’s Press. The book centers around a super computer called TRANSLTR. TRANSLTR owned and invented by The National Security Agency is a code-breaking supercomputer written to decrypt computer algorithms and codes....
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Minecraft Review

Being a huge fan of tech and being a fan of the whole maker movement my friend pushed me to play Minecraft. I had heard of Minecraft when they won indy game of the year several years back. Friends of mine that are educators had...
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Google My Business For Local Business Advertising

Thinking that Search Engine Optimization is not for you because you’re a small local business? This is not the case there are tons of Google features designed specifically for local business that we can help you with to improve your customer base. In Google My...
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Act Now By Kevin Harrington Book Review

Act Now! : How I Turned Ideas into Million Dollar Products by Kevin Harrington was a great book and I would say a must read for any business owner.  The book was first published in 2009 by HCI publishing. Kevin Harrington is called the king...
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Sketchup Review

I recently started using Sketchup for designing projects I am working on and I thought after a few weeks of use now was a good time for a review. I started using Sketchup because it was a free great alternative to buying a copy of...
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How to Upgrade The Ram On Macbook Pro

With the new MacOS (formally OS X) coming out this coming Tuesday I decided it was time to upgrade the ram in my Macbook Pro. I currently have 4 gigs of ram and wanted to upgrade to 8 gigs of ram for faster speed more...
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How Credits Unions Benefit from Electronic Board Books

Every director on a credit union’s board has dealt with the three-pound tomes that get distributed before every meeting, and just about every one of them has wished there was a better way. The couriered packages and binders are a cumbersome and inefficient way to...
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My Amazon Echo Household

  My Amazon Echo Household I started with the Amazon Echo when it first came out in June of 2015. I was one of the early adopters and as with any new tech there is always glitches and bugs to work out. But now a...
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carbonite Carbonite for Office Review
digital-fortress-dan-brown Digital Fortress by Dan Brown Book Review
minecraft-logo Minecraft Review
google-my-business Google My Business For Local Business Advertising
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