Podcast Episode 33


The Technology Geek – Episode 33

Today in this podcast we discuss this being our second live podcast and The Technology Geek Radio Network. Were talking about the WWE Network and the pay per view industry changing. We talk about the Chromecast SDK and Windows XP End Date April 8th. Schools Using iPads for students that cant read and we talk about the technology news of the week and answer your questions.

Join Me Today As I Respond to Your Calls and Discuss…

  • WWE Network and the pay per view industry
  • Chromecast SDK
  • Windows XP End Date April 8th
  • Schools Using iPads for students that cant read
  • Disabling ‘Find My iPhone’ on iOS 7 without any Password
  • More Countries Give Hams Access to 60 Meters
  • Comcast and Time Warner Cable Merger
  • Windows 8.1 Update Released, With Improvements For Non-Touch Hardware
  • Netflix begins 4K streams
  • Weather Channel Agrees to Alter Program Lineup to Return to DirecTV
  • Game of thrones premiere takes down HBOGO
  • Vine Cofounder Colin Kroll Is Stepping Down
  • OpenSSL Bug Allows Attackers To Read Memory In 64k Chunks
  • Samsung Galaxy S5, Gear family hits AT&T on April 11

Join Me Today As I Answer Your Questions…

  • What do you think about Radioshack closing?
  • Was the Mozilla CEO kicked out due to being gay?
  • Canada freezing online income tax due to heartbleed bug? What should I do to protect myself?
  • What is the Zues banking trojan?
  • Is Bitcoin investable?
  • What scanner should I get?
  • Can I use a VPN to get around ISPs throttling Netflix?
  • Can I run Windows on a Mac?
  • What bluetooth should I get with my iPhone?

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Heartbleed Bug Information

Dire warnings about Heartbleed, a serious internet security risk affecting millions of websites, is echoing across the internet today. Described as a flaw in OpenSSL, the open source encryption technology used by the vast majority of web servers.

The Heartbleed bug is a particularly nasty bug. It allows an attacker to read up to 64KB of memory, and the security researchers have said:

“Without using any privileged information or credentials we were able steal from ourselves the secret keys used for our X.509 certificates, user names and passwords, instant messages, emails and business critical documents and communication.”


Alleged Yahoo user credentials visible due to Heartbleed (source: Mark Loman).

The problem is fairly simple: there’s a tiny vulnerability — a simple missing bounds check — in the code that handles TLS ‘heartbeat’ messages. By abusing this mechanism, an attacker can request that a running TLS server hand over a relatively large slice (up to 64KB) of its private memory space. Since this is the same memory space where OpenSSL also stores the server’s private key material, an attacker can potentially obtain

  • long-term server private keys
  • TLS session keys
  • confidential data like passwords
  • session ticket keys

Cloud Storage: Questions to Ask Your Provider


Choosing a cloud service provider is a task that shouldn’t be taken lightly. You need to make sure the company you choose is capable of storing your data as securely as possible while providing a solution that works for your business.

With that in mind, you shouldn’t be afraid to ask some serious questions:

Software and Contracts Questions

  • Can I try the software/service before making a commitment?

This is a great way to see if the solution actually meets your needs before spending a lot of money. If they won’t give you access to the full product, see if they have a trial or limited version that you can try.

  • Do you have any stories of successful similar deployments?

Ask for specific case studies that deal with businesses in the same industry or with the same needs. You can also ask to talk to current and past clients.

  • How flexible is the contract? Will the price remain constant? Is there a termination fee?
  • Can we configure a solution to specifically meet our needs?

Don’t be afraid to ask if you can tweak certain aspects of the solution to more fully meet your needs.

Security Questions

  • Where is your data center? What security measures are in place at the physical location?

Different countries and locations have different laws regarding data security. Find out where the data center is and what physical measures they take to prevent data loss.

  • What certificates do you have for data protection? How will you store my data?

Find out about encryption, both on their servers and in transit. If they do encrypt data, ask that you control the decryption keys.

  • What happens in the event of data corruption? Similarly, what is your disaster recovery process?
  • Do they offer data duplication?
  • Do you offer backup storage? If so, how often is it stored, and where?

If it’s possible, you may want to find out if they can store a back up of your data in a completely different data center.

  • Do you have a service level agreement? If so, what is it?
  • Who has access to my data? How do you screen employees?

This is vital. Find out what measures they take to make sure that your data is protected from prying eyes.

At the end of the day, you will want to make sure that you pick a provider you are comfortable with and that you trust to meet your needs. Choose one that’s flexible and will allow your business to grow.

What cloud questions do you recommend asking?

Author Bio: Matt Smith works for Dell and has a passion for learning and writing about technology. Outside of work he enjoys entrepreneurship, being with his family, and the outdoors.

UFO Spotters Are Very Excited About This Suspicious NASA Photo from Mars


An image transmitted from Mars to Earth by NASA’s Curiosity rover has some alien enthusiasts seeing the (artificial) light about the possibility of life on Mars. The image, visible at the raw images database from NASA’s jet propulsion laboratory, depicts what appears to be a white speck of something in its upper left-hand portion. Curiosity snapped the image shortly after arriving at the “The Kimberley” waypoint on April 2. Over the past few days, UFO-spotting blogs have picked up the image as a sign that something … is out there.

UFO Sightings Daily’s Scott C. Waring, for instance, wrote this over the weekend about the image:

“An artificial light source was seen this week in this NASA photo which shows light shining upward from…the ground. This could indicate there there is intelligent life below the ground and uses light as we do. This is not a glare from the sun, nor is it an artifact of the photo process. Look closely at the bottom of the light. It has a very flat surface giving us 100% indiction it is from the surface. Sure NASA could go and investigate it, but hey, they are not on Mars to discovery life, but there to stall its discovery.”

And YouTube user Thelifebeyondearth set the image to new age music. In one close up of the image, the user writes, “this close up seems to reveal a hole or shadow beneath the light…could it be an underground base.”


What Cloud Solution Is Best For Your Growing Business


There has been a big buzz around cloud computing for a few years now, although the technology has been around for a while it is not until recently where it has advanced into a much useful tool.

You may not even know that you are using a cloud computing service, if you use Google Mail for example, then you are in fact using a cloud service as your emails are handled by an external source.

In certain circumstances, cloud computing can be the best thing for your businesses as it has the capacity to allow your business to grow.

In addition to this, cloud computing may not be the right type of service for your company, this article shall point out the benefits of each of the main cloud computing services so that you can assess whether they are right for you – although you can contact IT specialists such as these that can outline the cloud computing services to you.

The use of managed servers

There are many circumstances where having a managed server will benefit your business, if your business agrees with the following points then investing in such a service can be beneficial to growing your company.

It is not uncommon now for you to have offices in several different locations, and this is where managed services can help your offices to all work as if it was one big hub.

This is also extremely helpful if you’re going to be constantly on the go as you can therefore access all of your applications and files when you are outside of your office.

These external servers can be hosted outside of the office too in IT centres which means that you can save on space and have undisrupted maintenance.

However, if you have a big office with lots of room, then you may not need to have your servers managed externally.

Who is hosting your domain or web hosting?

Domain and web hosting is another cloud computing service which benefits growing businesses.

IT services can register and host your websites domain and regularly manage it for you as well as the hosting such as the disk space.

As a part of this, you can also get externally managed email services such as POP3 email, email forwarding and email relays.

Tied in with this, you can also get custom content management systems for your website which allows you to add blog posts, website pages, images and videos to your website seamlessly.

All you need to know about hosted exchange servers

Hosted exchange servers are great for a growing business where the employee body is expanding.

It allows you to have the business class email and messaging functionality without any administrative burden.

This allows you to manage your email, any inter-body messaging systems, calendars and task management, sharing of folders and documents as well as contacts.

If you have a business where the employee integration is vital, this is a great cloud service for you.

Telephony Cloud Solutions

If you regularly interact with your clients or customers through the phone, then investing in a telephony cloud solution will be a big benefit to your business.

Features include; call recording and logging, internal or external call transferring, voice recognition, video conferencing and much more.

This type of cloud computing allows you to be more efficient when using telephones to contact clients and conduct meetings – so if you find that your company relies a lot on your telephones, this is a must have cloud solution.

Altogether, cloud computing is proving to be a very helpful tool for small businesses to aid growth and make the business more efficient.
Managed servers are helpful to those companies that have offices in several locations or who are on the move as they allow you to access all of your apps and documents where ever you are, hosted exchanged servers are also helping those businesses which have multiple offices to stay connected through chat and calender synchronisation services, as well as aiding businesses in one office who have an increasing employee body stay connected across multiple departments.
Domain and web hosting is essential for all small business types, allowing you to manage your website’s domain and have a related email system.
Telephony systems are also beneficial to most small business types as the call forwarding, recording and management services are all key in organising client and customer enquires.

Amateur Radio-Developed Software Assisting in Search for Missing Airliner


US Navy personnel helping to look for missing Malaysia Air Flight MH370 are using the signal-processing and analysis package Spectrum Laboratory by Wolf Buescher, DL4YHF, to analyze recently detected 37.5 kHz “pings” that may be from the missing plane’s “black box.” Some Spectrum Laboratory screen shots as seen aboard the Australian Defense Vessel Ocean Shield were shown on TV. The US Navy personnel are guests aboard the Australian ship. VLF experimenter Warren Ziegler, K2ORS, said the software is the same package Amateur Radio experimenters used recently to detect transatlantic signals on 29 kHz.

“Wolf’s package is very first-rate software, and I know that there have been other professional uses, but this was quite an interesting one!” Ziegler said.

The software began as a simple DOS-based FFT program, but it is now a specialized audio analyzer, filter, frequency converter, hum filter, data logger and more, and it is available for download from DL4YHF’s Amateur Radio Software site.

Buescher said he was skeptical about the initial “ping” detection by one of the search vessels, but now, he says, “the spectrogram taken by the US team aboardOcean Shield is convincing.” He said a screenshot from Australian TV clearly shows the “bip-bip-bip” ultrasonic bursts or pings, “just as they should look,” rather than a “just a wobbly carrier that comes and goes.”

“In slow-CW terms, it would be an ‘outstanding signal.’” Buescher said. “Now keeping fingers crossed that the [“black box”] batteries last a bit longer than specified. The experts say the pinger’s battery usually degrades slowly, instead of going QRT abruptly.”


Top 5 Technologies for Your Hotel


Technology in the hotel sector is constantly changing, offering a host of new systems and services to enable hoteliers to better manage their bookings, finance and more.

Among the most important of these is reputation management. Every day, thousands of travellers write reviews and post their experiences of various hotels online and on social media forums. These reviews play a larger and larger role in influencing how and where visitors will book with your establishment.

“Flip.to has been making strides to tap into the market of potential travellers’ family and friends, considering 70% of customers take recommendations from their family or friends when choosing a product, brand or business.” explains Robert Rauch, writing on www.hospitalitynet.org

“TrustYou had made it their mission to influence travel decisions in a positive way, developing a technology and software making it simple to monitor, manage and market a businesses’ reputation.”

Kendall College School of Hospitality Management agrees: ‘There are 3.3 billion brand mentions in 2.4 billion brand-related conversations within the U.S. every day, and the typical American mentions brand names 60 times per week in online and offline conversations.’

‘The 21st Century is the age of digital referrals, and the power of what’s posted on the web via user-generated review sites – digital word of mouth – can drastically impact a business’ revenue.’ says www.hotelnewsresource.com quoting the School’s data.

Any green tech will be vital too. ‘2013 marks the “tipping point” for sustainable hospitality, with eco-friendly practices becoming the norm, rather than the exception, so expect 2014 to see standard “green” practices, products, programs and packages.’ continues the School’s report into hospitality futures.

And while it may sound obvious, Rauch also advises hotels look closely at their own websites. This may not seem like the ‘latest’ technology, but it’s actually more important than setting up the newest, most innovative systems in many cases.

“After American hotels spent an estimated $2.7 billion on OTA commissions, the rates rose and restrictions tightened.” says Rauch.

“Hotels are looking at any and all ways to increase direct bookings in 2014. This means that hotel websites will need to create incentives through booking with them directly rather than via the OTAs.”

Any content that references smartphones and tablets will be key, as www.hospitalitynet.org says Ericsson estimates there will be over 50 billion connected devices in circulation by 2020, including laptops, tablets and smartphones. Taking advantage of this increasing ratio will be vital through 2014 also.

The Hotel Technology Forum 2014 will address Cloud Computing, Virtualization & Hosted Technology, plus In-Room Technology, Innovations & Investment Returns. These will also be key areas for hoteliers to consider as the year passes.

eRevMax predicts 2014 to be the year of hyper meta-search expansion as companies spread their reach way beyond their home-market comfort zones.

For hoteliers to sell through these channels effectively, eRevMax has added meta-search as a new channel option within its distribution network. Hotels can subscribe to push their rates and availability on multiple meta-search sites directly from their RateTiger and Connect platform to boost direct bookings.

Author Bio-

Rachel Cook is associated with eRevMax, the company behind the innovative hotel management software, RateTiger. Rachel is a digital enthusiast whose interests lie in all things technology and management.”

Podcast Episode 32


The Technology Geek – Episode 32

Today in this podcast we discuss this being our first live podcast and The Technology Geek Radio Network. Were talking about Adam Carolla Podcast Lawsuit, Researchers explained How ANGRY BIRDS Sharing Your Personal Data and Ad Block controversy. Amazon Finally Introduces Fire TV and we talk about the technology news of the week and answer your questions.

Join Me Today As I Respond to Your Calls and Discuss…

  • Adam Carolla Podcast Lawsuit
  • Office for iOS released
  • U.S. Won’t Let Google Trademark ‘Glass’ for Its Glass-Less Eyewear
  • Researchers explained How ANGRY BIRDS Sharing Your Personal Data
  • Amazon Finally Introduces Fire TV
  • Ad blockers get ad-group exec’s blood boiling
  • Linus Torvalds Suspends Key Linux Developer
  • YAHOO! Now Encrypts Everything Encrypted Yahoo Messenger Coming Soon
  • Roku adds Qello Concerts channel
  • Apple proposes earbuds that react to your voice

Join Me Today As I Answer Your Questions…

  • What do you think about Microsoft Reading Employee’s Personal Email?
  • What do you think a wire antenna or vertical?
  • I bought one note can I get my money back now that it’s free?
  • Can I get arrested for downloading music from BitTorrent?
  • Can I have an XP machine safely in my network if I don’t allow it online?
  • Have you heard ham radio operators in space?
  • What do you think about use of robots do they save lives or take jobs?
  • What do you think of using cell phones instead of FM and TV for Amber Alerts?

Remember to be on a show like this one just pick up your phone and call (570) 630-0744. The best way to improve your chances of being on the air is ask your question or make your point up front, then provide details.

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Excellent Tips to Improve Social Marketing With Voice-Overs & Custom Audio


Social media has been one of the forefront of marketing businesses these days. Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ are now the top contenders for social media marketing. And with the crowded areas of social media, you often think if there is still room for you to get your business going. Fortunately, there is still room for you even how small your business is. You just have to make your social media more approachable and unique. Here are some excellent tips to improve social marketing with voice overs and custom audio.

1. Attract Potential Customers With Ads

The best way to spread the news is to create an ad that focus heavily on your business. Now, if you have problems with how your ads will look like you can always ask for an ad agency to help you with creative output. Ads will then be easily broadcasted using the power of social media. One share of your video alone can help spread the ad through millions and millions of people. This alone can help improve the way you market your business for free. Thanks to social media.

2. Add Voice Overs and Custom Audio

Voice overs bring a certain level of drama and flavor to your ad. Note that when you make an ad, you should always make your product interesting. But how interesting can your ad get? Simple. Add a voice over and everything will be clear. People will surely understand what you want to convey with your ad and add a little bit of drama with how the voice over portrays the lines. This makes it one of the most dramatic yet effective ad you can do. Custom audios also help improve the way people view and understand your ad. When you have a few tricks up your sleeve, you make your ad unique. It stands out from the pack of mediocre ads. You will surely be the talk of the town when this happens. And we all know that when you are being talked about especially on social media, you gain popularity and notoriety which can help boost your image.

3. Take Advantage of the power of Social Media

Social media is such a powerful entity to build your own brand. When you want to create an identity, the best way to start is through social media. Once you have your own ad, you can start sharing them and harvest followers in order to help spread the ad all over the world. You need to take advantage of the limitless scope of social media wherein it can reach from your side to the other side of the world. Use this ability to help improve your social marketing skills. It also helps that most social networking sites today are free.

These three tips alone can help improve your social marketing with the use of voice overs and custom audio in your ad. Go ahead. Get into social marketing today and see what it can do to your business.

What Roles Can Video Games Play in a Classroom?


One of the most common problem parents encounter when it comes to dealing with teenagers is handling their video game addiction. With computers and gaming consoles evolving so quickly, more and more teenagers develop serious addictions to video games, spending countless hours in front of the TV or computer, which is not only bad for their health but for their productivity as well. Given these circumstances, the fact that some teachers want to use video games as learning tools may seem downright crazy, but is it really? Are video games complete time wasters, or are there useful things a teenager can learn from them?

Boost Creativity & Enhance Perception of Realism

One of the most important aspects of video games is that they provide a complete scenario which may be based on real elements or on fantasy elements. However, by creating an entire world and placing the player inside it, video games automatically trigger the player’s imagination, which is especially useful in art-related classes. Also, games that are based on reality allow teenagers to get a better grip of reality by providing them with a visual representation of the world they live in, at a larger scale, which is something that would be significantly harder to achieve without some visual stimulants.

A good example is the popular game Angry Birds; although at a first glance the game can seem to be just entertaining, it is in fact a game that someone can really learn a lot from. The game comes with a very sophisticated physics engine, which will allow students to understand how concepts like gravity and kinetic energy work, while also developing their problem-solving skills.

Increase Self-Confidence

When playing video games, one of the things you need to get accommodated to is losing. While this may not seem as an important quality to master, it is in fact very important to learn how to lose.

Angry Birds is again the perfect example in this matter, as the game is fairly simple, and when you lose you can easily start the level again. This will teach students to remain confident when facing a problem or when things don’t go according to their expectations, and be aware that whatever mishap occurs, it can simply be corrected, just as a level can be restarted.

However, teachers need to delimit the fine balance between students learning to remain self-confident and them starting to be neglect things just because they know they can fix them later.

Learn Team Work

Some video games, such as RPGs or strategy games, require the player to cooperate with other players in order to achieve victory, which is another useful skill to master. Teachers usually seek popular games of the genres, such as Guild Wars or DotA, to teach students the importance of team work. The players will learn how to stop being in a constant competition, and work together to achieve the final goal.

Develop an Efficient Thinking Process

One thing all games have in common, when used in a classroom, is that they will eventually make the student ask himself two fundamental questions: “why?” and “how?”. These two questions will eventually lead to the development of a healthy thinking process. Once the students will understand the aim of the game and play the game until they reach it, they will eventually start to wonder how the game was created, thus sliding into the programming section, which relies heavily on analytic thinking – a very useful skill to master, especially if the student in cause plans to work in the field of programming in the future.

As you can see, video games can be effectively used in classrooms, as there are plenty of things students can learn from them. However, it is the teacher’s duty to point the students into the correct direction and clearly highlight the fact that there is a well-set barrier between entertainment and education, even when it comes to video games.

Author Bio: Christopher Austin has written several high quality articles on latest tech and gaming. He is also running a number of online gaming sites including Truck Games 365. Apart he loves to play with his kids at his free time.