Samsung Galaxy Core 2: Top 5 competitors


Samsung launched the Galaxy Core last year, which did garner a good amount of attention thanks to affordable price tag which placed it between the entry level Galaxy S Duos and the mid-range Galaxy Grand. It arrived as an optimum choice for consumers who wanted a high-specked smartphone but were reluctant to 5-inchers.

The company has now introduced an upgraded variant, the Samsung Galaxy Core 2. Although the new Galaxy Core 2 packs enough punch to prove itself an efficient successor, but seems this wouldn’t be so easy this time. The price segment where it falls has burgeoned with new smartphones which deliver excellent features vis-à-vis the pricing. If you are also planning to go for the Galaxy Core 2, here are few alternatives which might make you think again.

The newly launched Galaxy Core 2 comes with leather-like back cover design and is equipped with 1.2GHz quad-core processor. The 5-megapixel primary camera with LED flash, 2,000mAh battery, 768MB RAM and 4GB internal storage with expandable memory of up to 32GB via microSD card are some of the fortes of the device in the budget handset segment. Now let’s have a look on what the competition has to offer.

Samsung Galaxy Core 2 vs Motorola Moto G

Both the smartphones come with the same screen size of 4.5-inches but weight and thickness wise the Samsung Galaxy Core 2 is lighter and slim. It is 138 grams vs 143 grams and 9.8 mm vs 11.6 mm respectively. The Motorola Moto G runs on Android 4.3 Jelly Bean OS where as the South Korean handset comes with Android 4.4.2 KitKat OS. Apart from these there are some goodness in the Moto G that may keep it ahead such as more RAM, more internal storage, better display resolution, better secondary camera and better battery fueling the device. Below are in brief the Galaxy Core 2 vs Moto G:

  • RAM – 768 MB vs 1 GB
  • Internal storage – 4 GB vs 8 GB
  • Display resolution – 480×800 (207 ppi) vs 720×1280 (326 ppi)
  • Front camera – 0.3 MP, 640 x 480 vs 1.3 MP, 1280 x 1024
  • Battery – 2000 mAh, Li-ion vs 2070 mAh, Li-ion

Samsung Galaxy Core 2 vs Sony Xperia C

Weight wise the Sony Xperia C is too bulky but if we consider the primary camera, screen and battery, it is ahead of the Samsung Galaxy Core 2. It is a 5-incher phone with display resolution of 540×960 pixels. It comes with 8-megapixel primary camera with LED flash and is fueled by 2390 mAh battery. Below are the advantages of Galaxy Core 2 over Moto G:

  • Expandable storage – 64 GB vs 32 GB
  • Weight – 138 grams vs 153 grams
  • OS – Android 4.4.2 KitKat vs Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean
  • Display – LCD vs TFT

Samsung Galaxy Core 2 vs Huawei Honor 3C

The Huawei Honor 3C is a 5-incher smartphone with elegant design and slim body. It is equipped with 2GB of RAM, which is much more compared to the 768MB of Galaxy Core 2. Similar to the Sony Xperia C it too is mounted with 8-megapixel rear camera and is fueled by powerful 2300 mAh battery. The advantages of Galaxy Core 2 against Honor 3C are as below:

  • OS – Android 4.4.2 KitKat vs Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean
  • Weight – 138 grams vs 140 grams
  • Expandable storage – 64 GB vs 32 GB

Samsung Galaxy Core 2 vs Nokia Lumia 625

The Samsung Galaxy Core 2 stands taller here in terms of RAM, sharper screen, weight and width, but the forte of Nokia Lumia 625 is its higher internal memory feature, which is 8GB against 4GB of the South Korean product. However, it is to be taken note that it is a single SIM phone and has no FM radio for music lovers. The other features are almost similar in both the handsets such as battery capacity, expandable memory, cameras, processor and connectivity. The Lumia sports 4.7-inch IPS LCD screen.

Samsung Galaxy Core 2 vs Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo

Samsung’s existing Galaxy Grand Neo can also stand as a competitor to the Galaxy Core 2 as it sports 5-inch screen, comes with 1GB RAM, 2100 mAh battery and 8GB internal storage, but if you are looking for the latest operating system, sharper screen and lighter smartphone than buy Samsung Galaxy Core 2 online new launching is perfect for you.

Price wise the Galaxy Core 2 need to be lesser than its competitors if Samsung really wants it to be one of the most successful smartphones in the budget handset segment. The features however indicate this can be true. Let us wait till it hits the markets before coming down to a conclusion which phone is still the best among the six. Until then, waiting for your views in the comment box.

Identifying Backdoors, Attack Points, and Surveillance Mechanisms in iOS Devices


Jonathan Zdziarski gave a great presentation at HOPE this year that I think anyone with an iOS device should read.

“Jonathan Zdziarski is considered to be among the foremost experts in iOS related digital forensics and security. As an iOS security expert in the field (sometimes known as the hacker NerveGas), his research into the iPhone has pioneered many modern forensic methodologies used today, and has been validated by the United States’ National Institute of Justice. Jonathan has extensive experience as a forensic scientist and security researcher specializing in reverse engineering, research and development, and penetration testing, and has performed a number of red-team penetration tests for financial and government sector clients. He frequently consults with law enforcement and military on high profile cases and assists federal, state, and local agencies in their forensic investigations, and has trained many federal, state and local agencies internationally. He has written several books related to the iPhone including iPhone Forensics, iPhone SDK Application Development, iPhone Open Application Development, and his latest, Hacking and Securing iOS Applications.” -

From Johnathan Zdziarski blog:

In addition to the slides, you may be interested in the journal paper published in theInternational Journal of Digital Forensics and Incident Response. Please note: they charge a small fee for all copies of their journal papers; I don’t actually make anything off of that, but it does support the journal.

Here is a link to the PDF of my slides:



Before the journalists blow this way out of proportion, this was a talk I gave to a room full of hackers explaining that while we were sleeping, this is how some features in iOS have evolved over the PAST FEW YEARS, and of course a number of companies have taken advantage of some of the capabilities. I have NOT accused Apple of working with NSA, however I suspect (based on released documents) that some of these services MAY have been used by NSA to collect data on potential targets. I am not suggesting some grand conspiracy; there are, however, some services running in iOS that shouldn’t be there, that were intentionally added by Apple as part of the firmware, and that bypass backup encryption while copying more of your personal data than ever should come off the phone for the average consumer. I think at the very least, this warrants an explanation and disclosure to the some 600 million customers out there running iOS devices. At the same time, this is NOT a zero day and NOT some widespread security emergency. My paranoia level is tweaked, but not going crazy. My hope is that Apple will correct the problem. Nothing less, nothing more. I want these services off my phone. They don’t belong there.

With that said, enjoy the slides and the paper; I think it’s solid academic quality research.

Is Tor Traffic Secure?


In the wake of Ed Snowden’s revelations there’s been a litany of calls for the widespread adoption of online anonymity tools. One such technology is Tor, which employs a network of Internet relays to hinder the process of attribution. Though advocates openly claim that “Tor still works”1 skepticism is warranted. In fact, anyone risking incarceration in the face of a leveraged intelligence outfit like the NSA would be ill-advised to put all of their eggs in the Tor basket. This is a reality which certain privacy advocates have been soft-pedaling.

Many of you have heard of or used TOR. When the NSA openly acknowledges the existence of TOR and the routing has been proven as corrupt several times, one should wonder what the true intent of TOR is and just who really created and proliferated TOR.

While I have used TOR for some time, when you run a wireshark scan while TOR is running you will find several interesting port pings. Also, when you run a who is on the network outlet ports around the world, you have no idea if the outlet port is any safer than you would be in the USA.

So far there’s no hard evidence that the government has compromised the anonymity of Tor traffic. But some on a Tor-related e-mail list recently pointed out that a substantial chunk of the Tor Project’s 2012 operating budget came from the Department of Defense, which houses the NSA.

Granted, if you are in a country where internet is restricted or limited to certain sites TOR is a huge asset, but in the USA you are simply sniffed, logged, and added to the database for the watch list.

Cryptome has a great article today regarding Tor and security as well

How To Install The Asterisk Web-Based GUI


Step-By-Step On How to Install Asterisk GUI

This should work in any RPM linux based system (Red Hat, CentOS, Federa, exc)

Download the latest version source files using svn. (yum install subversion)

cd /usr/src

svn checkout asterisk-gui

cd asterisk-gui



make install       

I recommend backing up your configuration files before you continue. To achieve this just copy /etc/asterisk under different name:

cp -r /etc/asterisk /etc/asterisk.backup

There are two files which you should modify

1. /etc/asterisk/manager.conf`

enabled = yes

webenabled = yes

We will have to add a new user to manager.conf:


secret = mysecret

read = system,call,log,verbose,command,agent,user,config

write = system,call,log,verbose,command,agent,user,config





bindport = 8088

prefix = gui

enablestatic = yes

Note: bindaddr means you can access it from anywhere, if you want access only on the local machine, put instead.

Check your Asterisk-GUI configuration by running from /usr/src/asterisk-gui

make checkconfig

This script will check if your GUI is correctly configured.

Running asterisk-gui. In order to load the asterisk-gui, asterisk must restart/reload.

You can reload your Asterisk server from your CLI console by executing the command `reload`.

You can use asterisk-gui from these address:  (to check the status)

Podcast Episode 34


The Technology Geek – Episode 34

Today in this podcast we discuss Comic Con and Field Day 2014. Were talking about education using Google Docs vs. Microsoft Sky Services. We talk about ebooks and author signings. We talk about the technology news of the week and answer your questions.

Join Me Today As I Respond to Your Calls and Discuss…

  • Oracle Buys Micros
  • Comic Con
  • Field Day 2014
  • Microsoft Android Phone
  • Blackberry Bring 200,000 Amazon Apps Phone
  • Amazon Music Service and Google Music Service
  • Microsoft Office vs Google Docs
  • Spotify Adds Whatsapp Support
  • Netflix Gets 31 Emmy Nominations

Join Me Today As I Answer Your Questions…

  • How can I monitor my daughter’s web use?
  • How can I get rid of ads in Yahoo Mail?
  • Is OpenOffice a good office suite?
  • How can I extend my Wi-Fi signal?
  • How can I get control of my domain name?
  • What’s the easiest way to find an Internet Radio Station?
  • Do you like digital mode or cw better?
  • What shows have you been watching on WWE Network?

Remember to be on a show like this one just pick up your phone and call (570) 630-0744. The best way to improve your chances of being on the air is ask your question or make your point up front, then provide details.

Sponsors For Todays Show..

‘Reading Rainbow’ Kickstarter Campaign Just Broke A HUGE Record


When LeVar Burton announced he’d be launching a Kickstarter campaign to bring his beloved children’s series “Reading Rainbow” to the web, no one thought it would get this much attention — let alone reach its $1 million goal. Well, the joke’s on us.
In just one day, the campaign had met its original target and after ending its month long-run on Kickstarter last week, Burton managed to raise over $5.4 million dollars through the Internet fundraising website. While that number isn’t the most raised by any campaign on the site — damn you, Pebble Smartwatch — it did set a record for the most backers, with over 100,000 people buying into the revamped literary show.
One reason for all of the interest in Burton’s TV series might be thanks to the cool swag people got once they donated. From live reading events with the cast of “Star Trek” to a candlelight dinner with Burton himself, supporters were treated to way more than just a dingy t-shirt when they contributed money to the project. The latest addition to the round of exclusive rewards was a “Community” fan’s dream come true. With just 24 hours left in his campaign’s life, Burton decided to single-handedly resurrect the NBC comedy (sorry, Yahoo!) by hosting a live streaming event with Captain Troy … on a boat. And “Community” wasn’t the only show to pledge their support. “Family Guy” creator Seth MacFarlane pledged to match donations dollar for dollar up to $1 million last month.
It looks like calling in a few favors from some famous friends has definitely paid off. Thanks to the hefty amount of money raised for the show — it’s the fifth most-funded campaign in Kickstarter history — “Reading Rainbow” will soon be available on almost every platform, including Xbox, PlayStation and Apple TV, and will be broadcast free to 7,500 classrooms across the country.
Congratulations, Mr. Burton; you’ve restored our faith in humanity.

HarperCollins Publishers Selling Directly To Readers Competing with Amazon


HarperCollins has launched a redesigned website that features a direct sales component. The new website, announced Tuesday morning, allows the publisher to sell print books, e-books and physical audiobooks directly to consumers. While HC has sold e-books from its own site in the past, it has never directly sold print books.

All HarperCollins U.S. e-books can be purchased from the site by consumers globally wherever the publisher holds rights. Print books and audio books are currently available only to U.S. consumers. HC said the capability to sell direct “will enable the company to better understand consumer preferences and, most importantly, further extend the global reach of its authors.” The publisher also noted that its authors will be able to use the technology to sell direct from their own websites.

“Our mission as a 21st century publisher is to connect authors and readers,” said Angela Tribelli, chief marketing officer. “The elegant, consumer-centric design of the site provides an innovative platform for our authors that will boost the discoverability of their books, drive sales, and—ultimately—launch writing careers.”

Among the features of the new site, at the existing URL (also accessible via, are previews of upcoming books, author tour and appearance information, and sweepstakes featuring partner prizes.

HC will be offering discounts on selected titles but, otherwise, books are being sold at full price. Consumers can buy the book directly from HC, or choose to purchase from a list of third party booksellers provided by the site, which includes Amazon, Indiebound, B&N, Apple and a number of independent bookstores. In addition to offering new titles and backlist books, the site also offers forthcoming titles, and includes pre-order buttons.

Amazon Prime Make Michael Connelly Bosch Into Amazon Original Series


The pilot episode is streaming now. Watch on Amazon Prime Instant Video in the USA and on Amazon Instant Video in the UK.  

Plans for nine more episodes of Bosch, the television show, are well underway. A great staff of writers and producers with credits ranging from The Sopranos to The Wire to Boardwalk Empire and Mad Men have signed on and we are in a month’s long brainstorming and writing period, which is the starting point for season one. We’ll move into pre-production next month with actual production to follow.

So far it has been fun and very gratifying to me. I see the character of Bosch being preserved in this new form of telling his story. At the same time, I see an amazing inventiveness when it comes to the challenges of taking stories that span two decades and a deep thinking and quiet character to the screen of contemporary L.A. No doubt this team is up to the task and I look forward to the day it can be shared with Bosch fans everywhere.  -MC

Terry Brooks AMA On Reddit


Reddit “Ask Terry Anything” on July 8th

Terry is not doing a large tour for the book. He is swamped with work on the third book in the Defenders of Shannara series as well as several other projects, limiting his time this year.

That said, he still wants to interact with the fans. He has two signings: one at the University Bookstore in Seattle, WA, and one at the Powells Books Burnside location in Portland, OR. As well as a Reddit ASK ME ANYTHING (AMA) interview!

On July 8th, Terry’s readers can visit his AMA page (it will be posted on that day) and people can ask him anything. Then, in the evening around 5PM PDT, Terry will login and begin answering the questions. It is a fun way for people to interact with Terry and have that interview preserved for the future.

To read last year’s Reddit AMA with Terry, click HERE. Some good stuff there!

So put July 8th down on your calendar! Not only is it the release day for The High Druid’s Blade—and you should plan a visit to your local bookstore, obviously—but Terry is answering questions!


Asterisk 11 Installation on CentOS 6


1. CentOS Updates

Update your CentOS 6 Server for any possible unimplemented updates.

yum update -y


2. Disabling SELinux

You can use any text editor (VIM etc) to commit this change. Go to /etc/selinux/config and change SELINUX=enforcing to SELINUX=disabled

This can also be done by using command line:

sed -i s/SELINUX=enforcing/SELINUX=disabled/g /etc/selinux/config


3. Reboot

Once the aforementioned change is committed and the file is updated, reboot the system using:



4. Installation of Basic Dependencies

Asterisk 11.0.0 requires some prerequisite dependencies. Here is the command line to install them:

yum install -y make wget openssl-devel ncurses-devel newt-devel libxml2-devel kernel-devel gcc gcc-c++ sqlite-devel


5. Downloading Your Asterisk Source Code

Move to directory /usr/src by given command:

cd /usr/src/

and then download the Source Code tar balls using these commands (one by one or at a time):





6. Extraction of Downloaded Files

Extract the downloaded tar balls to their corresponding directories using:

tar zxvf dahdi-linux-complete*

tar zxvf libpri*

tar zxvf asterisk*


7. DAHDI Installation

DAHDI (Digium Asterisk Hardware Device Interface) can be installed using the command line:

cd /usr/src/dahdi-linux-complete*

make && make install && make config


8. LibPRI Installation

In order to enable your BRI, PRI and QSIG based hardware, you will be needing PRI Library or LibPRI. You can install these libraries using:

cd /usr/src/libpri*

make && make install


9. Changing Asterisk Directory

Now you have to move back to the Asterisk Installation Directory:

cd /usr/src/asterisk*


10. Running Configure Script for Asterisk

At this point, you need to know your CentOS 6 Architecture (32 or 64 Bit). In many cases you are aware of it. In case you are not, try this command:

uname -a

For 32 Bit, you will be getting response like:

2.6.18-238.12.1.el5 #1 SMP Tue May 31 13:23:01 EDT 2011 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux

For 64 Bit, system will respond with something like:

2.6.18-238.19.1.el5 #1 SMP Fri Jul 15 07:31:24 EDT 2011 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

Based on your OS Architecture, go ahead with these commands for Asterisk Configuration Script. For 32 Bit:

./configure && make menuselect && make && make install

For 64 Bit:

./configure –libdir=/usr/lib64 && make menuselect && make && make install


11. Installing Sample Files

Sample files are great resource specially for the newbies. Install Sample Files using:

make samples

Once done, add the Asterisk Install Script in directory /etc/init.d/ using:

make config


12. Starting DAHDI

To start DAHDI Device Drivers, use:

service dahdi start


13. Start Asterisk

Finally, start Asterisk:

service asterisk start

Do your stuff by connecting to the Asterisk Console:

asterisk -rvvv