I recently tried a product called VideoProc after it was recommended to me for my video editing tasks and it worked great. VideoProc allows you to cut, edit, resize and record all your 4K and HEVC videos. One thing I really like is the software worked seamlessly with my iPhone. I know VideoProc works with GoPro and drone cameras. While I don’t have one of those yet it’s great to know that it can if I ever buy one down the road.

I think the editing piece of VideoProc is very well done and at times does a better job than Apples iMovie. I think VideoProc is just an easy, fast and stable software to do video rotation and editing. Sometimes when you need to rotate MP4 video it can be a pain but VideoProc makes it very easy. I know myself I am not very familiar with video editing but VideoProc is easy-to-use, lightweight and user friendly to beginners.

One thing I find very well done is the unique level-3 GPU acceleration to take full use of Intel QSV, NVIDA, AMD and speed up video processing to 47X real-time faster. VideoProc is skilled at processing 4K, large-sized and slow-motion videos because of this acceleration.  The unique level-3 GPU acceleration can optimize file size without compromising quality and since it uses lower CPU usage this enables low-end computers to process 4K videos smoothly.

I do like the video rotation feature it faultlessly rotates any videos clockwise, anticlockwise by 90/180/270 degrees in batch or solely. VideoProc can flip footages horizontally and vertically in a simple click. The flexible option to customize resolution is really cool which allows for the support of 4K/HD HEVC/H.264 videos from mobile, and any other formats from DSLR, GoPro, DJI, etc like I mentioned earlier. When you think of these huge files you would think there would be limits on sizes but there are no file size limits. VideoPro offers true lossless rotation by using again their hardware-accelerated for fast processing. Plus editing of high-speed videos shot with 120fps/240fps and slow-mo videos.

VideoProc offers a great line of instruction videos on YouTube here is one but there are many more

I do like the video converting feature in VideoProc they have an extensive list of codecs being able to convert and export in 420 different formats is impressive. They do support DVD ripping and video downloading from sites like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Soundcloud and Vevo. I did not try these features because I have no use for them, but they are available.

VideoProc does offer a free 4k video editing software. If you want the paid version the pricing on the software is well thought out you have 1 year for $59.90 for one computer, $78.90 for one PC for lifetime where you never need to review and a Lifetime Family License for two to five PC for $119.90. I like the fact that VideoPro is both PC and Mac compatible and offer the same pricing for both platforms I think that’s very fair.

Overall VideoProc is a great piece of software for anyone in need of video editing tools. I would recommend VideoProc for either platform Windows PC or a Mac as it works great and did a great job.

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