If your bike sputters unnecessary or suddenly grinds to a halt, think no further. It is always a good idea to go for some motorcycle aftermarket mods. There are so many OEM atv parts that you might want to add to your motorcycle for proper functioning. You might be suffering from a soiled and unclean motorcycle gas tank. This piece is for every bike lover and rider who has encountered this challenge or who will likely encounter it in the future. Read through to find out the selected easy ways to clean your motorcycle tank.

Find an outdoor area

Cleaning a motorcycle tank requires the use of a mild acid like vinegar or harsh onesfound in most cleaning preparations.

These acids are known for being extremely corrosive and abrasive to the respiratory system. To ensure that your cleaning is seamless and without hassle, make sure to find an outdoor area.

Set up your cleaning environment to include a catch basin underneath. The importance of the catch basin is to ensure that all screws, nuts, and bolts are kept safe if they fall off during the cleaning process.

The catch basin will also come in handyin prevent spillage when the fuel isn’t gently drained.

Disassemble the bike and take out the tank

The next step to take when cleaning your tank is to first ensure that the ignition is turned off before disassembling the gas tank from the bike.

This is to guarantee safetyand ensure that there is enough room for cleaning.

Most tanks come with ancillary parts such as petcock outlets, filler caps, and crossover tubes. All these outlets will be filled up after which the gas will be emptied from the container.

In most cases, it is advisable to empty the tank of gas before you fill or seal up any of the outlets to avoid gas wastage.

Add cleaning acid

Before adding the cleaning acid, it is vital to check the strength of the acid.

If it corrodes a ceramic dish, then the cleaning acid may be too corrosive for your gas tank. However, if it is gentle on your ceramic bowl, it will be gentle on your gas tank.

After this precautionary check is carried out,it is time to add the agitating acid.

This could easily be vinegar mixed with some other dilute acid that will ensure that it is tough on rust but gentle on paint.

Most times it advisable to have a hose in hand or a base solution in a container nearby to use in neutralizing the acidity of the acid.

Add agitator, shake and flush

The next phase in cleaning your tank is a three-phase method of adding the agitator, shaking furiously and flushing out the tank.

For the agitator, it is advisable to use a handful of sheet metal screws, bolts, little iron fillings (note for agitators, the size matters because smaller is better, as you don’t want a bigger bolt to create a massive hole in your gas tank).

The next step is to shake furiously and continuously for a long time. When this process is complete, and you are satisfied, you can then flush with lots of hot water.

Finally, you have a clean tank which you can leave out to dry.