The Technology Geek Podcast 51

Interview Jessie From Grawlix Podcast

Today in this podcast we are joined by Jessie from Grawlix Podcast. We talk X-Factor comics and Spawn. We discuss X-Men women characters and ever changing X-Men team. We talk about X-Men Gambit joining X-Factor and being in Marvel Comic movies. We talk about Spawn HBO Series not being available on HBOGO and the Spawn Movie. We talk about image comics and the Angela series. Jessie talks about the action figure boom in the 90’s.  We talk about Marvel Comic spin offs Wolverine and Gambit series. We get into a deep discussion Marvel Comic Gambit character and being a professional thief. We speak about Marvel Comic Gambit clothing and attire and merchandise sales. X-Men Gambit famous lines on cartoon series. Randi joins us again as a caller.

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