• October 3, 2019

    The power of music on human’s health

  • Spotify is really working hard to help their user base find the podcasts and music they want by rolling out a major update. Spotify has rolled out a feature to their Premium subscribers starting today that will split Your Library view on mobile into two separates categories music and podcasts. Spotify says in their blog post “Starting today, we’re introducing a new version of Your Library to Premium users that mixes form with function. Everything about the reimagined Library is designed to get you to the content you want faster. It also makes getting started and staying up-to-date with podcasts on Spotify a seamless, personalized experience.” Spotify new views for music and podcasts are split up into sub-categories for each content type that makes sense to users. The Music view has Playlists, Artists, and Albums tabs and Podcasts has Episodes, Downloads, and Shows. Spotify released a YouTube video explaining the change as well.
  • Snap Inc. is in talks with major record labels to expand the ways users can include music in posts on its flagship Snapchat app, according to people familiar with the matter, as the company faces competitive pressure from Facebook Inc.’s Instagram and ByteDance Ltd.’s TikTok. While Snap over time has secured case-by-case licenses to use individual artists’ music on the platform, it is now seeking broad rights to the catalogs of Vivendi SA’s Universal Music Group, Sony Corp.’s Sony Music Entertainment and Access Industries Inc.’s Warner Music Group, according to these people. The licenses wouldn’t let Snap create an on-demand music service like Spotify or Apple Music. Instead, they could let the company offer users ways to incorporate music in its signature disappearing messages and other social-media applications. The people cautioned that deals aren’t in place, and talks might not lead to agreements. But they said discussions have intensified in recent weeks. Snap’s interest in more widely licensing song catalogs comes as social-media rivals have been introducing popular new music features on their apps. Via WSJ
  • The Technology Geek Podcast 50 Interview Randal Silvey From Grawlix Podcast Today in this podcast we are joined by Randal Silvey from Grawlix Podcast. We talk about music and the internet opening up the music industry. Randy talks about subscription based royalties on music. Randy asks some questions on podcasting. Randal talks about audio editing and struggles of not doing a live show.  We talk about Grawlix Podcast and the other hosts. Doing a solo show versus having a co-host. We talk about geek culture Batman, Gotham, Flash and the Arrow.  We talk about old school radio guys and the skill set involved. We talk about The Technology Geek Members Club and our forums. We talk about sound cloud and using itunes and other podcast services. Using apps over websites and hosting podcasts over streaming if your a broadcaster. We talk about other successful podcast networks and content production. We talk about making a living on youtube and playing video games for a living. Sponsors For Todays Show.. Iron Edison Members Club
  • This is our second music podcast we spin music every week on mixcloud. The Technology Geek Music Unleashed 2 by The Technology Geek on Mixcloud Destrophy – Way Of The World Limerance  – Leaving Today AudioSlave – Be Yourself Reapers – The Glory Fireflight – Unbreakable NoWhere Slow – Hard To Believe Drowning Pool – 37 Stitches Crossfade – Cold Danzig – Mother Divide The Day – One Night Stand Dope – Debonaire Rammstein – Du Hast Since October – Guilty Like A Storm – Chemical Infatuation
  • This is our first music podcast we spin music every week on mixcloud. The Technology Geek Music Unleashed 1 by Brandon Lipani on Mixcloud Skillet – Rebirth Shaman’s Harvest – Dragonfly Fuel – In My Hands AlterBridge – Isolation Black Stone Cherry – Blind Man Decyfer Down – Best I Can Bullet For My Valentine – Tears Don’t Fall Lacuna Coil – Spell Bound In This Moment – The Gun Show In This Moment – Call Me Saving Able – Stupid Girl Live – Lighting Crashes Slash – By The Sword