The Technology Geek Podcast 50

Interview Randal Silvey From Grawlix Podcast

Today in this podcast we are joined by Randal Silvey from Grawlix Podcast. We talk about music and the internet opening up the music industry. Randy talks about subscription based royalties on music. Randy asks some questions on podcasting. Randal talks about audio editing and struggles of not doing a live show.  We talk about Grawlix Podcast and the other hosts. Doing a solo show versus having a co-host. We talk about geek culture Batman, Gotham, Flash and the Arrow.  We talk about old school radio guys and the skill set involved. We talk about The Technology Geek Members Club and our forums. We talk about sound cloud and using itunes and other podcast services. Using apps over websites and hosting podcasts over streaming if your a broadcaster. We talk about other successful podcast networks and content production. We talk about making a living on youtube and playing video games for a living.

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