• August 4, 2017

    Big Data Is Changing IoT in The Future

  • Necessity gives birth to creative inventions. Some are thoughtful, some quirky, while the rest are original.  Whether you love gadgets or hate doing household chores, there a lot of gadgets that will make your life easier and will bring joy and convenience to anyone’s life. Here are 13 household gadgets that will make your life more convenient and easier: Light Up Charging Cables If you’re a person who constantly keeps charging your smartphone and other mobile devices, then this light up charging cables will come in handy. This funky charging cable lights up when your phone has finished charging. To preserve energy, the Light Up Charging Cable dims down, when the phone is charging. AquaNotes Are you a person who gets creative while taking a shower? If yes, then maybe you’ll like this. The AquaNotes is a writing pad that you can use while taking a shower so that you don’t have to forget about any genius ideas or any shopping items you may need anymore. BiKN Tracking Device If you keep losing your apartment keys, car keys or your phone, then the BiKN Tracking Device is the gadget that you can consider buying.  Just attach the BiKN Tracking Device to your keys; phone or any other valuable items, so you may never lose or forget them keep somewhere else again. Bottle Ice Cubes If you always wished your favorite bottles drink to be cold forever, then this Bottle Ice Cubes Tray can get your problem solved. The Bottle Ice Cubes keeps your water and other drinks cool and refreshing wherever you go. This ingenious product is perfect for people who are energetic, have an active lifestyle and typically resides in hot and humid town or city. Compartment Pan If you hate doing the dishes and want to save time...
  • This is our third music podcast we spin music every week on mixcloud. This was a big week for indie rock. The Technology Geek Music Unleashed 3 by The Technology Geek on Mixcloud Disturbed – Asylum Reapers – Night Terrors Manson – Long Hard Road Out Hell Crystal Method – Trip Like I do CTRL+ALT+DSTRY – New Insomnia Limerance – Motorskills Pantera – 5 Minutes Alone Real Be Easys – Defunkt NoWhere Slow – This is Our Night Fuel – Soul To Preach To Fuel – Cold Summer
  • This is our second music podcast we spin music every week on mixcloud. The Technology Geek Music Unleashed 2 by The Technology Geek on Mixcloud Destrophy – Way Of The World Limerance  – Leaving Today AudioSlave – Be Yourself Reapers – The Glory Fireflight – Unbreakable NoWhere Slow – Hard To Believe Drowning Pool – 37 Stitches Crossfade – Cold Danzig – Mother Divide The Day – One Night Stand Dope – Debonaire Rammstein – Du Hast Since October – Guilty Like A Storm – Chemical Infatuation
  • This is our first music podcast we spin music every week on mixcloud. The Technology Geek Music Unleashed 1 by Brandon Lipani on Mixcloud Skillet – Rebirth Shaman’s Harvest – Dragonfly Fuel – In My Hands AlterBridge – Isolation Black Stone Cherry – Blind Man Decyfer Down – Best I Can Bullet For My Valentine – Tears Don’t Fall Lacuna Coil – Spell Bound In This Moment – The Gun Show In This Moment – Call Me Saving Able – Stupid Girl Live – Lighting Crashes Slash – By The Sword
  • February 12, 2014

    Moving To New Platform

    I want to thank everyone for being patient with us I am sorry we went down with out warning but we had some serious issues with our hosting provider. Unlimited bandwidth is truly limited at some point. I pointed everyone to my business blog site in hopes to keep as many readers and listeners as possible. This next phase is something I am very happy to report do to the over welling response and support over the last year from you the readers and listeners The Technology Geek has grown beyond shared hosting to DEDICATED server hosting. We just received our new linux box and dedicated IP and we are working to have The Technology Geek site backup and running as soon as we can. I want to thank everyone for there support, donations and for using our sponsors. I want to take the time to thank our writers and everyone that helps this site as we transition to a new milestone in this sites history.
  • On Android with the new OS and newest version of Spoitify there is no way to offline your playlist to an SD card.  This is a problem for people like me who have large playlist we want offline. After some hunting I found this great procedure. 1. Uninstall Spotify and check that the Spotify folder in sdcard/Android/data has been removed. 2. Install the old version of Spotify from here 3. You going to have go into Settings -> security and check Allow installation of non-Market apps 4. Download the app and install 5. Start the app and don’t log in (if you are logged in auto, log out) 6. Press the menu button and select the SD storage option. 7. Change the standard location to /mnt/extSdCard and then log in 8. Select a single playlist to download/offline play and let it finish downloading before you go to the next step. 9. Go to the Play Store and update the Spotify app to the newest version. It will save all cached music to the external SD card now until you uninstall the app provided you did everything correctly.
  • Adobe Shockwave Player 11 Silent Deployment It’s the easy part, the /S command line switch installs Adobe Shockwave Player silently. pathsw_lic_full_installer.exe /S Now for silent Uninstall, the following command will do just fine: "C:WINDOWSsystem32AdobeShockwave 11uninstaller.exe" /S Note:- Please note that the commandline is case sensitive. ie. A capital letter/S is correct; small /s will not work. Disable automatic Update feature of Adobe Shockwave Player The following registry key is handy for suppressing the update check for all the users. [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREAdobeShockwave 11AutoUpdate] @="n" Disable Anonymous Statistics collection of Adobe Shockwave Player For privacy concerns you might want to add this one also. [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREAdobeShockwave 11collectstats] @="n"
  • August 16, 2012

    Trillian Instant Messenger Review

    Trillian is the all in one application for chating with friends from Google, Skype, Facebook, AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo, and IRC.  The applications integrates into Twitter and Facebook with alerts and checks both POP3 and IMAP e-mail. Developed by Cerulean Studios, the software has been around since late 2002 it was designed to be the alternative to Windows Live Messenger.  Then later incorporated several other IM protocols such as Google Talk, Skype, Facebook Chat and many more. Trillian has definitely broadened their development horizons by making their software available for Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Android, Blackberry and Web / Cloud Client.  Trillian Pro looks like a cheap purchase of only $12 dollars a year with added features.  I do like their catchphrase “Skip a coffee this month and get started!”.  Pro has a few feature benefits Store your chats in the cloud Support our development team Get answers from technical support No ads There following the same structure that app developers are following on the mobile market with free apps versus paid app.  The amount of  features present in the paid version is not huge, but there are some notable services that might be beneficial to some users. Over all I have been a huge fan of this application on the desktop and on the mobile application side.  I have used this messanger on the Mac and on the Windows PC and I love the consistency and stability it brings.  I like how I can save resources by running one messenger client and how there is not bloat hurting your application or PC performance.  Overall this is a great application I will continue to use happily. Trillian can be found at