I decided to make the jump from my iPhone 8 plus to the iPhone XS. I have had almost every iPhone S series since the iPhone 4 S. I am not one to grab the first generation of any device, that’s why I have always waited for the S year of an iPhone release. Since I have started with the iPhone, I have been loyal to Apple because the phone is reliable and has great support.

Screen Size And Price Are Always An Issue

I went with the iPhone XS, not the XS max because it came down to the price I had an iPhone 8 plus and the iPhone XS is the same screen size.  The iPhone XS max gives you the extra on the top and bottom of the screen when the button and camera used to be on the plus models. In this case, spending 1,000 dollars on a 64 meg phone is enough for me to spend plus trade in of my old iPhone 8 plus which was in perfect condition just made the price point right for me and my budget.

I know the iPhone XS max is only a hundred dollars more than the iPhone XS but I usually upgrade after I get to the 50% to 75% pay off amount since I am on Verizon. The screen is big enough for me personally on the iPhone XS where at times the iPhone 8 plus got a little bit too big for me. Maybe down the road, I will get a bigger screen but right now iPhone XS is the perfect size for me.

Display Quality And Cameras Sell Phones

The first thing I noticed is the screen on the iPhone XS is way better than the iPhone 8 Plus. The super retina HD OLED display that is a 2436-by-1125-pixel resolution at 458 ppi with the 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio looks amazing when compared to 1920-by-1080-pixel resolution at 401 ppi with 1300:1 contrast ratio on iPhone 8 Plus or 1792-by-828-pixel resolution at 326 ppi with 1400:1 contrast ratio on the iPhone XR.

While the back camera is not really an improvement over what the iPhone 8 plus had the front-facing camera is much better with the TrueDepth camera over the FaceTime HD camera. I did notice that while FaceTime video is much clearer Skype really lets you see the sharpness of the improved front-facing camera. Many people I have Skyped with have said to me “Your image is much clearer then it was what have you changed.”

Moving From TouchID to FaceID

While I like the FaceID my finger from years of iPhone use still goes to where there used to be a button. I like the feel of using iOS without the button and it’s very easy and fun to use the phone. I can see why Apple got rid of the button as this was taking away from the screen and without the button, you get the edge to edge display which really looks great and utilizes the entire area. While I always liked the button the iPhone XS feels newer fresher and more modern.

Extra Features

The iPhone XS does have an A12 Bionic chip with next-generation Neural Engine where my iPhone 8 plus had an A11 I personally don’t see any change in performance difference but I am not a big gamer and do not do much that requires much processing power. The same goes with the iPhone XS being waterproof up to two meters instead of one meter like my old iPhone 8 plus. While this is a great feature I will never go diving or swim with my phone.


Overall the iPhone XS is a great improvement over my iPhone 8 I really like all the improvements that were made and while I do think the price is a little high at $999 I do think it’s a much better phone than the iPhone XR at $749. While you are spending an extra $250 dollars you are getting a much better screen and a little bit better camera.