A lot of people have been tweeting and emailing me asking why would Apple release two phones about a month apart one being an upgrade to the current iPhone 7 and the other a new design. Everyone I have spoken to says this, not typical Apple style. I have no internal information but let me give you my take on this decision.

The iPhone 8 which is basically the iPhone 7 with an updated ram and processor and still rocks the home button is scheduled to start shipping September 22 this coming Friday. The iPhone 10 (X) is scheduled to start pre-orders on October 27th, with shipping to begin on November 3rd.

There are reasons why Apple has chosen to make this decision to have 2 different phones releasing. I believe and it’s not all because of shipping and manufacturing delay and difficulty. Apple wants to release the iPhone 8 first to see what the response is to the phone. They want to see if they have those huge order numbers they are used to but at this point, we have heard that ordering is off to a slow start.

Many people believe that the iPhone 10 will be another huge hit for Apple and it very well could be a huge hit for Apple. But Apple made a very smart business decision not knowing how people would react to the removal of the famous home button so they released an upgraded version of their current already a huge success iPhone design.

Not only is the iPhone 10 taking a huge step by removing the home button but adding the Face ID is another huge change for Apple. These two big changes along with an iOS update on the horizon I think Apple was afraid to gamble the company’s finical future for the next quarter on an unproven design. You will need to factor in as well that Apple upped the price for the first time which was another huge risk for them. When you have a public company in the close view of investors and like Apple, you sometimes must make the responsible decision and say “we think it’s going to be a hit but encase”.

I mean the iPhone 10 looks like a great phone and I would buy one without thinking about the price. The iPhone 8 is a great phone and a huge hardware improvement over the iPhone 7. You have to remember Apple took a lot of bad press with the iPhone 7 by removing the headphone jack and selling AirPods. I think by Apple releasing the iPhone 8 it was a way of them helping to avoid some possible bad press that could hurt their stock prices like the iPhone 7 headphone jack press that caused their stock prices to dip a bit last year.

I do believe the iPhone 10 will be a huge hit for Apple but I understand why they released the iPhone 8 and why they are trying to play it safe this time around after what happened with the iPhone 7 it’s an example of a company learning from its mistake. With Steve Jobs passing there is just no way they could pull off another awesome antenna press conference that pretty much changed the way press is done in technology so instead they are playing it safe good for Apple.

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