Recently my wife has been traveling and busy with our 10-month-old baby so I have been trying to help out around the house and I have again found a new use for the Apple Watch.

To start with Siri on my wrist has become very handy when it comes to setting reminders like go swap the laundry or to make sure I leave early enough to get to my older daughters bus stop has been very handy to have at the touch of a button.

The next thing is the task list is great if my wife has a few things she needs me to remember to do I just hold in the crown button on my Apple watch and ask Siri to add them to my task list.

The next thing I find handy is the timer on my Apple Watch. When I am cooking dinner or helping my daughter there are many times I need a timer. Having a timer on my wrist has come in very handy.

The next thing is being able to answer my phone. I know it sounds nuts but if you have ever changed a child many times your hands are full between a diaper, whips and your kid’s feet. Your phone always rings with an important phone call you have been waiting for all day when your hands are full. Being able to just quickly tap your Apple Watch on your wrist is a major lifesaver when you’re in a┬ásituation where your hands are full and need to answer a call quickly.

Having your weather on your wrist is great as well many times I am trying to figure out how to dress the kids and having the weather and temperature at a glace can be another big time saver for a parent.

I can’t believe how handy the Apple watch has become for me not just for health reasons but for a daily helper with daily tasks.