• March 27, 2018

    Amazon Prime Has No Competition

    Amazon recently became the number two most valuable company in the world deseating long-time number two Google (Alphabet Inc.). When you look at Apple a company that makes more than ¾ of their revenue from the iPhone they have competition in Android hard manufactures like Samsung, Google, HTC and others making smartphones. The Android store competes on the same level as Apple selling apps, movies, music, books, and videos via the Google Play Store the same way Apple uses the App Store. When you look at Amazon the number two company in the world they are not battling in the mobile space like Apple and Google. Amazon has a unique list of services they offer and have no real competition. Amazon right now has no equal in the online space they are in online. Amazon shipped over 5 billion packages in 2017. Big box retailers like Walmart and Target are competing but not on the scale that prime is offering. To start Amazon had over 54 million prime members in 2016 that number I am sure has gone up by now. Free shipping on physical goods is where Walmart and Target are working on competing with Amazon. Free shipping is one place where big box store can compete, but Amazon Prime is not just two-day free shipping it encompasses other services Prime Video Unlimited (a direct Netflix competitor) Prime Music –  access to prime lists Twitch Prime members get exclusive discounts on physical games pre-orders and new releases. Prime Reading – you can borrow books, magazines, and more from the Prime Reading catalog Audible Channels for Prime Prime Photos – unlimited photo storage Amazon First Reads Amazon Dash for Prime (Amazon Dash Button) Cheaper Prices on Amazon Echo Devices Amazon is in a great situation with no real competition in...
  • Microsoft and Amazon announced today that the Amazon Echo will be able to talk to Microsoft Cortana AI (Artificial Intelligence) Platform. Amazons very popular AI platform Alexa will be able to talk to Cortana, and Cortana will be able to talk to Alexa. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella stated in the post “Ensuring Cortana is available for our customers everywhere and across any device is a key priority for us,” going on to say “Bringing Cortana’s knowledge, Office 365 integration, commitments, and reminders to Alexa is a great step toward that goal.” Users will have access to Alexa and Cortana features no matter what platform they are using. If you are by your Echo you could Cortana to booking a meeting, accessing work calendars, or reading your work email. The same goes for if you are on a Windows 10 computer you could as Alexa to make a change to your smart home device, check the status of Amazon orders or interact with Alexa skills to listen to Sirius Radio. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said “The world is big and so multifaceted. There are going to be multiple successful intelligent agents, each with access to different sets of data and with different specialized skill areas. Together, their strengths will complement each other and provide customers with a richer and even more helpful experience,” Alexa and Cortana will begin talking to each other later this year. What surprised me is how long Siri has been around and Amazon never reached out to Apple who is not offering a smart speaker competitor until recently and really is not even a competitor for Amazon in its current form. On top of that Amazon had time to talk to Apple before their HomePod debut and HomePod will not even debut until December reports are saying....
  • December 9, 2016

    Is Amazon Alexa Ruining Family Dinner?

    I have written many posts for my blog regarding Amazon Echo and the great uses it has for around the house. My question is am I the only one who gets family dinner ruined because of Alexa? What I find at dinner no matter what we’re talking about we always include Alexa. Let me explain. My family and I will be talking about something for example sake will say a movie. My wife will ask if an actor was in that movie if I don’t know her or I will yell “Alexa who starred in the movie (insert movie title)?” I started to wonder is it good to have access this easy to information. Does Alexa really need to be involved in our dinner? Couldn’t we wait to look it up on the computer or phone after dinner? I think as convenient as this is at times it takes away from the family discussion of “I think it was this person.” “No, I think it was this person.” “I’m positive it’s him.” “No, it’s not look it up let’s see” I think at times it great to have easy access to information and we are living in the time of instant gratification. Is it always good? Has it brought about a new culture shift of we need it now? I am far from anti-technology but I think we need to realize that technology has a time and a place and the dinner table may not be the place for Alexa, Siri, Google or Cortana.
  • October 15, 2016

    I’m Not Buying Twitter

    Today we talk about our new Premium Membership available now! We talk about Amazon new streaming music service and Amazon Prime Book offerings just announced. We talk about Microsoft Hololens and Microsoft event coming this month. We get into the Twitter sale and 4Chan not being profitable. We get into the Galaxy Note 7 recall and the effect on Samsung and much more… Join Me Today As We Talk About…. Amazon Launches New ‘Music Unlimited’ Service Amazon To Hire 20% More Holiday Workers To Meet Growing Demand Apple MacBook Refresh Could Bring E-Ink Enabled Keyboard Pokemon Go Could Add 2.83 Million Years To Users’ Lives, Says Study Facebook Now Lets You Use Google Cast or AirPlay To Stream Video On Your TV Samsung Will Credit You $100 If You Exchange Your Note 7 For Another Samsung Phone Evernote Confirms a Serious Bug Caused Data Loss For Some Mac Users Verizon Believes Yahoo Email Hacking ‘Material,’ Could Affect Deal Microsoft Confirms October Event Twitter For Sale 4Chan Not Profitable HoloLens Availability Internationally Google Adds a Group Plan to Project Fi Galaxy Note 7 Recall Much More..
  • September 15, 2016

    My Amazon Echo Household

      My Amazon Echo Household I started with the Amazon Echo when it first came out in June of 2015. I was one of the early adopters and as with any new tech there is always glitches and bugs to work out. But now a little over a year since its release I think it’s a fair time to write about the Amazon Echo and its use in our household. The one thing I noticed about the Amazon Echo is friends and users place the Echo where it serves them the best. My wife and I placed ours in the kitchen, for us it was where the Echo got the most use and made the most sense. Our kitchen and laundry room are right next to each other so we placed the Echo right off laundry room in the kitchen on corner cabinet out of way of water and other things which could damage the device. The first thing we noticed is how often while doing laundry we listened to Spotify, Pandora and Tunein Radio. Something that we never did before and enjoyed as a feature and way to make doing the laundry more enjoyable.  I myself being an avid reader started using Audible a lot more in the house rather than just in the car and getting threw more books something Audible has benefited from financially. I started using the Amazon Echo quite a bit while getting my morning coffee asking Alexa questions like “Alexa what’s the weather like today?” “Alexa what’s in the news?” “Alexa what’s my commute like?” I found myself enjoying the convenience of not having to pull my phone out of my pocket in my morning during the rush to get out the door. My wife began to enjoy the timer while cooking and the...
  • August 11, 2016

    iTunes and Amazon Killed The DVD Business

    iTunes and Amazon Killed The DVD Business Today on the show we talk how iTunes and Amazon killed the DVD business.  We talk about Suicide Squad movie and CM Punk coming to the UFC. We talk about Hulu owners and there changing business model. We talk about NBC and Snapchat deal. We talk about securing your debt card online and in person. We talk about Microsoft and security issues with Windows 10. We get into Linux, Facebook and much more…. Join me today as we discuss… Assange Implies Murdered DNC Staffer Was WikiLeaks’ Source Seagate Reveals ‘World’s Largest’ 60TB SSD Linux Bug Leaves USA Today, Other Top Sites Vulnerable To Serious Hijacking Attacks Open PDF In Edge Default Option Puts Windows 10 Users At Risk Microsoft Disables RC4 In Internet Explorer 11 and Edge Google: Chrome 53 Will ‘De-Emphasize Flash In Favor of HTML5’ Next Month Chrome Is Nearly Ready To Talk To Your Bluetooth Devices Facebook Will Force Advertising On Ad-Blocking Users Linux Kernel 4.8 Adds Microsoft Surface 3 Support Data Breach At Oracle’s MICROS Point-of-Sale Division Hulu Ends Free Streaming Service, Moves Free Stuff To Yahoo View Walmart Buys Jet For $3 Billion, Hopes To Turbo Charge Ecommerce 900M Android Devices Vulnerable To New ‘Quadrooter’ Security Flaw
  • May 21, 2016

    Google I/O

    Google I/O Today on the show we start out with some fun old school radio bits and sound clips. We get into Google I/O keynote and a lot of the new apps. We talk about Microsoft and news of Windows 10. We get into a deep discussion about Amazon and there ereaders and echo and dot. We get into driverless cars, Dropbox and much more. Join me today as we discuss…. Google I/O Google News Will Now Highlight Local News Sources For Major Stories Windows 10 will not be free after anniversary update Microsoft: Windows 10 Will Remain Free For People With Accessibility Needs Microsoft Hits $1 Trillion In Total Cumulative Revenue: Reports Opera Launches ‘Free And Unlimited’ VPN App For iOS Amazon E-Readers Debian Dropping Support For Older CPUs Uber and Lyft Spend $8.2 Million To Lose Fingerprint Election, Vow To Leave Austin Dropbox Cuts Several Employee Perks as Silicon Valley Startups Brace For Cold Lyft Plans Self-Driving Taxi Fleet By 2017 Amazon Bows To Pressure To Bring Same-Day Deliveries To Poor Areas Schools banning Game of Thrones and Harry Potter Books
  • Google and Barnes & Noble are joining forces to tackle their mutual rival Amazon, zeroing in on a service that Amazon has long dominated: the fast, cheap delivery of books. Starting on Thursday, book buyers in Manhattan, West Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area will be able to get same-day deliveries from local Barnes & Noble stores through Google Shopping Express, Google’s fledgling online shopping and delivery service. Google Shopping, which began operations about a year ago, allows online shoppers to order products from stores like Costco, Walgreens, Staples and Target, and have them delivered to their doors within hours. The partnership could help Barnes & Noble make inroads into online sales when its brick-and-mortar business remains stagnant. The company has closed 63 stores in the last five years, including some in bustling areas of Manhattan and Washington, leaving it with a base of about 660 retail stores and 700 college campus stores. Its Nook business fell 22 percent in the fourth quarter compared with the period a year earlier, according its most recent earnings report. The delivery service being trialled by Google works slightly differently than others, exploiting store inventory and couriers, while charging either a subscription fee for the Google Shopping Express service, which will be priced at an amount yet to be determined for annual membership, or charging $4.99 per delivery. The entire service is based on the experience of wanting something on the same day but not wanting it badly enough to venture forth from your cave, which means it probably stands a good chance of succeeding.
  • HarperCollins has launched a redesigned website that features a direct sales component. The new website, announced Tuesday morning, allows the publisher to sell print books, e-books and physical audiobooks directly to consumers. While HC has sold e-books from its own site in the past, it has never directly sold print books. All HarperCollins U.S. e-books can be purchased from the site by consumers globally wherever the publisher holds rights. Print books and audio books are currently available only to U.S. consumers. HC said the capability to sell direct “will enable the company to better understand consumer preferences and, most importantly, further extend the global reach of its authors.” The publisher also noted that its authors will be able to use the technology to sell direct from their own websites. “Our mission as a 21st century publisher is to connect authors and readers,” said Angela Tribelli, chief marketing officer. “The elegant, consumer-centric design of the site provides an innovative platform for our authors that will boost the discoverability of their books, drive sales, and—ultimately—launch writing careers.” Among the features of the new site, at the existing URL (also accessible via, are previews of upcoming books, author tour and appearance information, and sweepstakes featuring partner prizes. HC will be offering discounts on selected titles but, otherwise, books are being sold at full price. Consumers can buy the book directly from HC, or choose to purchase from a list of third party booksellers provided by the site, which includes Amazon, Indiebound, B&N, Apple and a number of independent bookstores. In addition to offering new titles and backlist books, the site also offers forthcoming titles, and includes pre-order buttons.