I have written many posts for my blog regarding Amazon Echo and the great uses it has for around the house. My question is am I the only one who gets family dinner ruined because of Alexa? What I find at dinner no matter what we’re talking about we always include Alexa. Let me explain.

My family and I will be talking about something for example sake will say a movie. My wife will ask if an actor was in that movie if I don’t know her or I will yell “Alexa who starred in the movie (insert movie title)?” I started to wonder is it good to have access this easy to information. Does Alexa really need to be involved in our dinner? Couldn’t we wait to look it up on the computer or phone after dinner?

I think as convenient as this is at times it takes away from the family discussion of

“I think it was this person.”

“No, I think it was this person.”

“I’m positive it’s him.”

“No, it’s not look it up let’s see”

I think at times it great to have easy access to information and we are living in the time of instant gratification. Is it always good? Has it brought about a new culture shift of we need it now? I am far from anti-technology but I think we need to realize that technology has a time and a place and the dinner table may not be the place for Alexa, Siri, Google or Cortana.

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