To attract customers and get more sales, online businesses employ different marketing strategies. The common tactic used by these businesses is to entice the customer with free offers. The main objective is to get a new customer or keep an existing customer loyal to the brand, and the customer gets a good product or service in return. There are several types of offers online companies have at their disposal. Let’s look at some of the offers they use to sell their products and services to their customers.

The most important factor for any online company is to build and maintain an email list. For an email or newsletter subscription, an eBook or valuable information is offered free of charge. Moz, a search engine optimisation company, offers valuable content free of charge to their subscribers every two weeks.

Referral promo codes are one of the most common methods used to drive up sales. Companies like Uber used this method to get more customers, and if you get an invite code from your friend or a family member, your first ride on Uber is free. The free ride is valid up to a credit of £15 or £20.

Online gaming companies offer incentives to attract customers. Bingo companies offer considerable discounts to get new customers and to get the offer, the customer has to register at their site. Offers vary from free to limited deposits. Once registered, the customer can play bingo for free with no deposit as bonus. If you deposit some money, you can play bingo for four to six times worth of the deposit.

Small-to-medium-sized companies have to rely on free offers to increase sales. Before launching their product or service, they offer free gift cards. In return, you have to subscribe to their email list or newsletter and fill in a survey. Raphaelle, the founder of Scarlett Pearls, offered $25 gift cards to 1000 women before the launch of the product. She contacted them on LinkedIn and in return they had to subscribe to her email list and fill out a survey. Even big e-commerce companies and online retailers make irresistible offers like free shipping to increase their sales and the customer has to make a minimum purchase in order to qualify – locking them in as a new prospect. Sometimes customers increase their order value to get free shipping from the retailer. Online companies like Amazon offer free shipping to their customers and Amazon Prime members get fast delivery of their products and can get discounts on other Amazon services. It just shows, offers work both in favour of the customer and the company.

You can try Google ads to promote your products or services online with a free voucher from Google, but you must watch out for click fraud.

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