Recently I have been traveling a lot and I decided to use a Microsoft Surface tablet for everything instead of packing both my Microsoft Surface and my iPad. I have to say as great as both devices are I would like to share my findings of this experiment. I decided to buy a surface because of how thin and light the product is with a full keyboard and touchpad it made it easy for travel.

I enjoy using the Microsoft Surface especially during the work day with typing and having the touchscreen and pen it is just amazing for what I do daily. The surface really helped my workflow all around I found myself more productive. Windows 10 with Office 365 and OneDrive worked seamlessly Microsoft really outdid themselves with Windows 10, Office 365 integration and OneDrive. Everything worked great despite some small issues but that’s for another post on another day. After the work day was over and I decided to relax at the hotel for a while and this is where I found myself as happy with the surface as I was during the work day.

I decided to catch up on some TV the Windows 10 app support has come a long way I download the apps for Netflix, CW, and ABC and enjoyed the content. Since HBO has no app support for the Microsoft Store I had to open up chrome and had to type and enter my credentials to watch shows, that was a minor inconvenience. Since the screen was constantly lit I had to keep the device plugged in permanently after watching a few shows on the surface. I know part of that was me using chrome with Adblock to avoid all the ads on websites and Microsoft does recommend using Edge Browser for better battery life. I could have just used Adblocker on Edge but I guess old habits die hard.

I then decided to catch up on some books and magazines I get with my Kindle Unlimited Subscription. I had to download the Kindle app from the Microsoft App Store. The Kindle App worked with no issues and had no issue downloading books or syncing my content from the cloud. One thing I do notice, I enjoyed the bigger screen reading on the surface then I did on the iPad. I did not care for the weight of the Microsoft Surface, the iPad is much lighter and easier to hold for long periods like reading or watching movies but the big screen on the surface is easier on the eyes.

I then decided to use Skype to call my wife and daughter. Skype is built into Windows 10 that worked with no issues as I would have expected since Microsoft has put so much spotlight on Skype, Windows 10, Office 365 and integration of the three products. I caught up with some friends on Skype I have not spoken to in a while, old Windows Live Messenger buddies from college to say the least. Skype worked great no complaints in that department.

I then needed to return some emails from my day and wanted to listen to music in the process. I download the Spotify app since there is an app on the Windows Store and I have a premium account to Spotify. The only thing I did notice is that Google Music and YouTube Music app have no support for the surface. There is no way to use YouTube Music on a surface which stinks, YouTube Music app is not something I really use but just an observation. I then decided to listen to an Audiobook and yes there is an App for that Audible is on the Windows Store and it worked great no different than the iPad or iPhone app in any way.

The next day I went to work and while working I thought about what I was doing. How could I do this work on an iPad with no keyboard or mouse support? Yes I could use an external keyboard but no mouse would kill me and certain websites I use don’t offer app support and the website does not run right in the iPad browser.

On the road, the surface does make the most sense because I only need one device. But then why when I get home I find myself going right back to the iPad? I then ask myself why I still want to use my iPad? The iPad is more conveyance the battery last longer and the navigation’s way better than Windows 10 even with the tablet mode enabled.

I think if you are looking for an all in one device to do everything on work and personal the Microsoft Surface is the right choice. If you are looking for a device to just watch movies, read books and play games on the iPad may be your cheaper purchase. Both devices have their selling points for me as an all in one device the Microsoft Surface makes sense but I still feel my iPad is faster at pulling up information and content because of the easy smooth interface and the large app support. Don’t cut the Microsoft Surface device short by any means its powerful and can hold its own and I love my Microsoft Surface it is the perfect device for personal use and work and is great for the all in one user.