We start out the show talking about a lot of news coming out of the Microsoft camp. We talk about consumer reports and the Microsoft Surface. We talk about Netflix news and David Letterman returning to late night on Netflix. Google has a new messenger app plus Microsoft now supports more Linux than ever.

  • Consumer Reports: Microsoft Surface is Dead Last for Reliability
  • Microsoft Issues a Major Update to OneDrive on iOS
  • Disney starting their own streaming service removing Netflix
  • David Letterman Returning to TV With Netflix Talk Show
  • Microsoft Announced New Outlook.com Beta
  • YouTube Uptime is Another Google Messenger
  • AMD Confirms Linux Performance Marginality Problem
  • Microsoft is Changing Windows 10 to Meet Kaspersky Demands
  • You Can Test Windows Subsystem for Linux on Windows Server in Preview
  • Chrome OS set to get trackpad pinch-to-zoom, launcher gestures, and back button

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