Looking through the Google Play store I noticed iTunes for Android. While I think this defiantly a changing Apple company I look at iTunes as still the hook that started off the Apple brand. If you remember when the Apple iPod released and the iMac was introduced it rebooted Apple as a company. Apple then used iTunes as their hook.

You had to use iTunes to sync your iPod and you had to purchase music through iTunes. If you had a windows device, you needed to install iTunes to sync your iPod. Many users went to Apple devices like iMacs and iPhones because of the incredible success of the iPod.

Apple putting iTunes on Android is an example of them doing what they do best and luring users over to their platform like they did with iTunes on Windows. Apple, as we all know, was reported as rebranding iBooks to Book with the iOS 11.3 update.

I think this rebranding is part of Apple trying to open their echo system to non-Apple devices to gain more revenue and lure people over to their iOS hardware. By opening their platform up and having Apple apps on Android can hurt Apple as much as help them. Many users stay on iOS because they have made many purchases and don’t want to lose their content. With Apple offering the apps on Android this makes the need for Apple hardware less for some users.

I think what we are going to see from past Apple events is by opening their platform to Android they will lure more users to iPhone and iOS like they did with MacOS luring users from Microsoft Windows. I really think that if Apple would open iMessage and Facetime to Android I think this would seriously hurt Googles Messaging play and put Apple in a stronger position then they already are with messaging. We are already seeing Spotify loose ground to Apple in the Music space will have to see what Apple does next.