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SetTV Service Review

My wife and I recently started using SetTV for cord cutting our cable service. SetTV, from what was advertised is good but does need some work. SetTV only works with Android so if you are an iOS user you are out of luck, however, a...
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Microsoft CEO: Office 365 growth opportunity

Microsoft CEO: Office 365 growth opportunity ‘a lot bigger than anything we’ve achieved’ At the Morgan Stanley TMT conference on Monday, Nadella spoke of opportunities in cloud productivity, along with the Azure public cloud infrastructure for hosting applications. Nadella also talked about how the company’s...
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Microsoft Updates Guideline on Windows Driver Security

Microsoft has released an updated guide on driver security. This new guide offers advice that developers could use to ensure Windows drivers are secured against basic attacks and preventable flaws. The new guide —also available as a one-document PDF— is authored by Microsoft’s Don Marshall...
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Windows Phone is BACK from the DEAD

Windows Phone is back. Well, sort of. Microsoft has started selling its Lumia-branded handsets in the Windows Store again. The Redmond-based technology company removed all trace of its Lumia smartphone range from the official store last year. It dropped a slew of handsets, including the...
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Red Hat Enterprise Linux Now Globally Available on Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud, the cloud computing arm of Alibaba Group, today announced that Red Hat Enterprise Linux, the enterprise open source operating system developed by the world’s leading open source solutions provider Red Hat, is now available globally in the Alibaba Cloud Marketplace on a pay-as-you-go...
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OpenBSD releases Meltdown patch

OpenBSD’s Meltdown patch has landed, in the form of a Version 11 code update that separates user memory pages from the kernel’s – pretty much the same approach as was taken in the Linux kernel. A few days after the Meltdown/Spectre bugs emerged in January,...
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Who Would Buy Twitter?

Twitter is a very interesting company they started out as a 130 character limit microblog and have now expanded to a 260 character limit with live video and much more. They are a company that has changed direction a few times and have struggled to post a...
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