We all know how much our lives have changed, once the advent of streaming devices! Our lives where no more shaped around the favorite channels or shows of ours! We didn’t have to miss a day or two of our show, because we had stuff to do! All this changed, because there came the streaming devices that gave us the super natural ability of being to view, record or rewatch any content, anywhere!

But, For so long, humanity has sought answer for one question; which should I buy, had I had the money sufficient for both? Apple TV 4K or Roku Ultra? The question that has dawned upon us, and we set out to find the answer. We found that components like Value for money, how effective does the remote-control work, how valuable are the contents that are provided, how efficient is the search and how easy is the user interface.

We found that the basic functionalities of these devices were different, and that the brand images were also different. But we aren’t letting any of that cloud our judgement. Our verdict will only be based on pure performance, and nothing else!

Value for money:

While Roku Ultra is retailed for a 100$, Apple TV 4K is sold for a rocketing 170$! The money that we will have to offer to both Roku Ultra and Apple TV 4K is pretty high, but what Apple TV 4K demands is out right ridiculous, and will definitely blow a hole through your pocket! Roku and Apple agreeably provide same quality in the way they stream, so “Quality is overcharged” doesn’t work here! There is no justification for this pricing from the Apple TV 4K’s side, and we think Roku wins this one!

Remote Control:

The device, however good it might be, will always be bad for all of us, if the remote-control doesn’t work properly! Because with a streaming device, it is important to have a clear remote control to be able to search, select and stream content efficiently! This analysis proved to us that Roku has the best remote control, not only when compared to Apple TV 4K, but throughout the whole of streaming devices!

Whilst Apple TV 4K’s remote comes all guns blazing with a touch interface and a glamourous look, Roku simply provides what the users might need, and also provides something that is so rare! It syncs with the TV and provides a power and volume button! This feature alone makes Roku’s remote ten times better than all of its rivals, not just Apple TV.

Content offered:

While it comes to providing streaming content, the basic feature of a streaming player, Roku’s services are undisputed! For the sheer number of channels and video and music platforms that the product offers, it gives Roku an edge over Apple. It is true that Apple provides access to iTunes, a platform that no other streaming device offers, but that’s because it is an in-house product. But Roku offers streams like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, YouTube, Vudu, Pandora, Spotify, CBS All Access, Sling TV, PlayStation Vue, DirecTV Now

And possibly every video and music streaming platforms. What’s more surprising is that, a lot of these platforms offer channels and content that are totally free! All you have to do is to have a synced Roku account!


Search is one other important feature that a streaming device must have! What if someone suddenly forgets that nice movie Brad Pitt was in? What if our daughters forget the starting lyrics of the song that goes “La LaLa LaaaLa”? All this, the search has to endure and still give us the result that we expect! This is no ordinary business, by the way!

Roku searches for the keyword in almost all the applications possible, and you need not even enter the specific names or titles! A genre would do just fine! But Apple TV’s understanding towards the human language is still a bit under developed, when compared with that of Roku!

So, Roku wins this one!

User Interface:

While Roku has been adorning the top of the table for its interface, it is but undeniable that Apple has a knack for aesthetics and it does look pretty to have you home screen free from adverts. Though Roku does the same thing by allowing the user to arrange the icons by preference, into rows and columns, Apple has brought it up a notch, by allowing the user to actually segregate the apps into little folders that the user can choose from!


Though Roku seems to do fairly well in the looks, it is but Apple that has the most renowned name for aesthetics! The clean finish and polished look gives apple an edge over Roku’s look component!

Verdict: For most of the important parts, Roku is definitely a must buy! Moreover, saving a 70 bucks wouldn’t hurt at all!

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