When you need to access your loan information, you can always use Cenlar’s services. The loan servicing company offers services for different lending institutions and banks. Furthermore, the online portal helps customers make payments and also contact the loan servicer. Numerous customers visit this platform on a daily basis.

In case you do not have access to your laptop or home computer, you can easily login using your mobile. However, some customers may find it difficult to handle it. There may be different reasons why you experience login problems when it comes to Cenlar, ranging from your Internet connection to website issues. Check this out in order to find a solution to your problem and access your loan account.

Cenlar Login Information

Since we are talking about professionals here, most users are able to login without experiencing any difficulties. Nevertheless, there are some common issues that users have experienced and one of the scenarios may sound familiar to you. Usually, the list of common reasons includes forgetting username or password, no internet connectivity or not having a profile established in the right manner.

These are some of the challenges users have when accessing their accounts. However, if you are stuck, you should ask for help by calling 1-866-768-7354 to receive immediate assistant from their call center agents. Cenlar is a very popular online loan servicing services in the world, having thousands of customers.

Cenlar Login on Mobile

When you are away and you cannot access your computer, you can reach the online portal on your mobile. First, you should turn on your tablet or smartphone. After you check your Internet connection, you should open up your web browser. Next, you should visit the main Cenlar website.

It is advisable to use the www.cenlar.com address since the Cenlar mobile website loads automatically. Then, select the borrower login option from the Contact Us menu. You have to enter your login information, namely your username and password in the Cenlar login form. After inputting all the needed data. Press the login button and you will be able to access a mobile-friendly web page.

Cenlar’s Care for Customers

Cenlar’s hallmark is to focus on their customers’ success, offering them quality services and support. This company has offered subservicing and mortgage loan servicing for more than 50 years. Furthermore, they ensure the market advantage for their customers, delivering fully customized servicing solutions.

Hence, they manage to preserve the value proposition for the customers of their clients.

David J. Miller, Jr., the business development director, ensures customers that they work with several banks to develop a subservicing program which relies on their loan requirements and products. Cenlar’s staff is able to incorporate the advantages of their business processes as well as propriety technology. Furthermore, the experienced management servicing teams are able to offer clients solutions that can fulfill their needs.

How Cenlar Works

The private label subservicing program includes all servicing aspects, ranging from the day the loan is closed up to the point where the final disposition of the loan emerges. As a result, clients get a toll-free number with their name. Furthermore, they also receive ARM loan changes, notices and year-end statements as well as a monthly report. If clients select the private label subservicing, the clients’ relationship with their customers maintains the identity of the clients in all their interactions with customers.

Furthermore, Cenlar clients gain access to a client portal called CenAccess. Here they get information about their loan portfolio 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Clients’ customers are able to find out data about their mortgage loan by accessing the internet-based servicing system anytime their need it. Customers, as well as clients, have access to loan level data 24/7. The company constantly invests in their telephony, training, and technology systems to prevent clients to do so. All the resources and infrastructure needed to serve the clients is in place whenever the clients need them to be.


Generally, clients and customers have reported to be pleased with the services provided by Cenlar. Most likely, this is what transformed it into a popular loan servicing service. One of the advantage you get as a customer is that you do not have to manage the service of complex default servicing activities or delinquent loans. Cenlar’s staff can do this for you, facilitating your interaction with their platform. Cenlar eases the process for their customers and clients, allowing them to concentrate on their core business.