• October 5, 2017

    The World Is On Your Palm Now, Go Mobile

    With the change of technology in the recent times, people are transferring their priorities towards the mobile space all over the world. Every web application store is now filled with hundreds and thousands of applications that have so many innovative features and properties. The presence of mobile apps in the market is spreading like wildfire. So to go with the flow in this atmosphere of development, it is essential for professionals and several companies to make themselves familiar with the new trend of mobile apps. For that, there is an imminent need for mobile development courses to educate people in the field of developing mobile applications and much more. The expansion of several social media platforms such as Facebook, Google, and Twitter has resulted in a certain shift in the processes and working strategies of several businesses, both small and big. The advantages of mobile apps when integrated with the social media platforms, created several affordable means to help today’s mobile-minded generation. What Are The Advantages Of Mobile Development? Nowadays, every other business on the internet, irrespective of its type and size, wants to make the optimum use of the mobile development service. The mobile apps that help in the business provide a very steady source of productivity for several businesses. Mentioned below are some advantages that come with mobile development: Enhanced Efficiency: Since most of the apps in your phone are built in a customized way to keep the requirements as the first priority, these apps play the role of a comprehensive one which perform several different functions. Mobile development certainly helps to increase the efficiency of the apps and suit them to match the standards of your requirements. High Scalability: Some apps are not built to handle multiple resources at once. Having a mobile developed would lead to...
  • March 7, 2014

    Is BlackBerry Back?

    For a while there it seemed as though BlackBerry was on the precipice of being forgotten completely. Reporting a whopping $4.4 billion loss for the quarter ending in November of last year, the company has since done a 180. A new CEO, new products, and new partnerships have lifted company shares from $5.44 in December to nearly $11.00, and have some analysts believing the stock could rise another 50% in the coming months, according to CNBC. Just last week, at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the BlackBerry executive team—including- John Chen, executive chairman and CEO—revealed a host of new mobile solutions that underscore the company’s strength in security as well as productivity, communications, and collaboration. The new BlackBerry Z3 phone—once codenamed Jakarta, and designed for customers in Indonesia—will offer a large 5” high-definition display and rely on an all-touch interface rather than a keyboard. It will run the latest version of the company’s operating system, BB 10.2.1, and BlackBerry has promised to equip it with a high-capacity battery capable of lasting a long time between charges. More details will be revealed in April when the company officially launches the Z3 at an event in Jakarta. The Q20, a QWERTY smartphone, will marry old and new: Combining the power of BlackBerry 10 with the classic BlackBerry design, the Q20 will offer an iPhone-like 3.5” touchscreen yet rely on a classic keyboard, track pad, and menu/send/back/end buttons. Though the design may not compel iPhone and Android users to switch to BlackBerry, it will appeal to longtime BlackBerry users who have resisted transitioning to touchscreen-only designs. Instead of attempting to trump Apple or Android, or convince executives to use its new line of smartphones, BlackBerry is focusing on what has remained its greatest strength: Security. Based on the COPE (Corporate Owned, Personally Enabled...
  • Kim Dotcom announced Saturday on Twitter that Mega will have Bitcoin support he also announced that Mega will support Email, Chat, Voice, Video and Mobile in the coming years.  Kim reemphasized his company’s commitment to privacy, while also suggesting that Mega is uniquely positioned in New Zealand to safeguard user data.   Kim cautioned against using U.S.-based servers and email providers calling out Gmail, iCloud and Skype, because the American government can demand access to user data, he said. Mega now accepts bitcoin via reseller Bitvoucher.  If you head to, you’ll see three ways to buy Mega services with Bitcoin. There are three monthly options and three yearly options (no refund or exchange for any): Mega Pro I: 500GB of data storage and 1TB of bandwidth for 0.5184 Bitcoin per month or 5.1888 Bitcoin per year. Mega Pro II: 2TB of data storage and 4TB bandwidth for 1.0373 Bitcoin per month or 10.3781 Bitcoin per year. Mega Pro III: 4TB of data storage and 8TB bandwidth per month for 1.5563 Bitcoin per month or 15.5674 Bitcoin per year. Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency, currently the most-widely used alternative to common forms of money. Because it has no central issuer, it has no single authority and thus no way to lock out certain users (or countries) out of the network. Bitcoin can be used to pay for certain transactions both offline and online. Mega supporting Bitcoin makes perfect sense. Doctom’s company wants to distance itself from governments as much as possible, and a virtually untraceable payment method is an excellent way to do so.