I’m excited about the major announcements we’re making today about Adobe XD, our application for designing and prototyping websites, mobile apps, and other experiences. This release also embodies a lot of what makes me so excited to be back at Adobe. We’re developing a platform that will help user experience designers embrace new interfaces and facilitate the broad collaboration that is essential to moving their projects forward.

There was a time when design was a last-minute addition hurriedly bolted onto a product before it was rushed out to market. No longer. Designers, with their ability to connect deeply with the needs of consumers and push the boundaries of how products work, are now the glue that holds modern projects together. And their importance will only increase as interfaces evolve and become more central to a product’s success. After all, so much of life and work now rely upon interfaces and digital experiences. From the dashboards of our cars, health monitors in hospitals, to the tools we use, and every screen we rely on to find our way or just get away — every experience is crafted by passionate designers in a relentless pursuit to simplify and enhance daily life.


I like how Adobe offers this for free now we just need them to offer a starter edition of Photoshop free.

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