I have been using the Google Pixel 2 for about two weeks and so far, so good when it comes to using the phone. I really enjoy the Google Pixel 2 and how well it works. I am really getting into using the Android interface which has been kind of different being a die-hard iPhone user for several years.

The main thing that has been a hard thing get used to is the idea of having a back button being an Apple user you are used to having the button in the top left-hand side and not always having it depending on what you were doing with on your iPhone. The Google Pixel 2 using Android you can always go back to whatever you are doing because there is always a back button its standard button always available

The other interesting button I am enjoying on the Google Pixel 2 is the task manager button you hit and can close unwanted windows from there. I came from the Apple iPhone world where you need to double tap the home button for that kind of thing.

One thing that’s been different is using the pull-down bar from the top on Google Pixel 2 which is more convenient than having to get out of the app your using go into Apple settings app make a settings change then go back into your app. Apple has kind of addressed this issue with the new launcher in iOS 11 from the bottom to a certain point I still say they need some work in this area compared to Android and the Google Pixel 2.

The Google Play store updates have been nice I come for again the Apple world where you need to ok all app updates. With the Google Play store, they automatically update your apps every night that has been a major time saver for me over last few weeks.

Always having the search bar at the bottom of the Google Pixel 2 kind of interesting as well saves having to swipe right all the time to search, unlike Apple iOS. This is not a major thing just more a convenience thing I am so used to doing it I kept doing it by accident at first.

One feature I really love is if you swipe right on Google Pixel 2 you get the Google Feed feature which gives news, weather information and much other info I like tailored to me. I could honestly say I like this better than Apple News hands down.

The other great feature I love is the seamless integration with purchasing content from Google and YouTube to this point I would have to go to my laptop buy content then I could stream it to my TV via the Chromecast via my iPhone with the Google Pixel 2 I can do everything right from the phone.  I understand rightfully so its Google platform part of this is Apple not wanting users to sell outside of the Apple ecosystem and take money away from Apple. This I can understand I would imagine many users with iPhones have Apple TV I don’t I find it too expensive.

One of the other great features of the Google Pixel 2 is the larger screen. I was always an Apple Home button fan but I am kind of liking the bigger screen with no Home Button even if down the road I purchase a new iPhone I would get the X with no Home Button it just makes sense and I see how much it was holding Apple back after using Google Pixel 2.

I really am enjoying the Google Pixel 2 now even more then my first review I will keep reviewing it and I am looking forward to testing the camera and many other features over the next few weeks.

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