I have been a die-hard Apple user for over 10 years. I need a phone on both platforms (iOS and Android) for work reasons. I decided to purchase a Google Pixel 2 not the XL just the regular Pixel 2. I went with the Google Pixel 2 because the appeal of how Google is designing and handling the Pixel 2. Unlike Samsung, Nokia and Motorola Google is doing business the way Apple does things they are designing both the hardware and software which to me is a big deal as that is what has always appealed to me about Apple.

Moving From iOS To Android

Unlink other Android manufacturers the Googles Pixel 2 makes breaking up the iPhone very easy walking you through turning off iMessage and providing an adapter for the iPhone and a build in a wizard to move your apps, photos, videos, contacts, and messages over in a few minutes. This very much impressed me as my previous try at moving to a Samsung Phone was not a huge success.

Security and Location

The next thing that really impressed me about the Pixel was the fingerprint sensor it was so much more conveniently located behind the phone then using your thumb on the iPhone home button I think anyway.

As I was playing with Android I noticed that the Pixel 2 has a software-based home button very much like the iPhone there is also a back button and square button for app management the equivalent of Apple home button double tap which is very Apple-like in design.

Dongles Are In This Year

Just like iPhone 7 and newer, there is no headphone jack and you need to use an adapter to listen to music. So again, no charging and listening without wireless headphones which is fine for me as I have Apple earbuds which work great with Pixel 2 I would like to add.

Case and Screen Protector

One thing that did kind though me for a loop and this is not Googles fault was the situation with the case. I went to a tone of electronic stores (Best Buy, Verizon, on and few local names) I could not find any case accessories but the Google Pixel 2 case designed by Google. Then I had ordered a screen protector off Amazon because NO ONE had screen protectors for the Google Pixel. I had to also order a second adapter for listening in the car since I only had one again I could not find one so I had to order online.

One thing I did notice was all the accessories for Samsung products this is cause for concern as not being able to buy accessories in stores is going to really push customers away from the product most users when they buy a phone at a Best Buy or Verizon will buy the case and screen protector right there and if there is none to be found they might just move on to a different phone like iPhone or Samsung.

I really like the Pixel 2 at first look and really think it’s an easy replacement for an iPhone user like me as the interface is very similar and can be a smooth transition using the Google Pixel wizard. I will say that the price on both an iPhone 8 and Pixel are close so I could see completion in that market and I could see the Pixel XL taking on the iPhone X as if you buy Pixel with extra storage you’re at the $1000 mark.

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