Several weeks ago we added a new Microsoft 365 Roadmap item announcing our intent to add ability to migrate Google G Suite calendars and contacts to the ability to migrate mail to Office 365 using our native migration tools.  We’re excited to say that this functionality has started rolling out!  You can expect to see the new features light up for your tenant in the coming weeks.

Since this is a new flavor of migration to Office 365, let’s take a look at what is now becoming available and answer some frequently asked questions about it.  Before diving into any migration project, it is important to answer some basic questions about it:

  1. What is the size of the organization you are trying to migrate?
  2. Based on your business requirements, would you like to migrate using a “cutover” (everyone at once) or “staged” (longer-term coexistence) approach?
  3. What is the (approximate) average mailbox size that you’d be migrating?
  4. What kind of data do you need to migrate – like mail, calendar and contacts?
  5. Given the answers to the above questions, does this migration tool fit my needs?

Answering these questions will give you some idea of the scope of your project. Then you just need to find out how to get started. And you can read all about that here.

Before you actually start clicking though, let’s cover some of the terms you’ll need to understand and an overview of how the new G Suite migration flow will work:

Via Microsoft