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  • September 29, 2016

    Moving From An iMac to Chromebook

    Over the last few months with the release of the macOS Sierra and Siri on the desktop I started to wonder about my aging iMac. I am using an iMac for 2012 with the retina display the machine runs well but I was thinking maybe it was time to get a laptop. Over the last month or so I have started using a Chromebook as my main machine for running my blog, advertising and web design business. The Chromebook just seems to be easier because of its tight integration with Google services. The Chromebook was a cheap purchase for an impulse buy the Lenovo N21 11 inch which was a cheap enough buy off Amazon at $147 dollars and free shipping. Pros One of the things I really love about the Chromebook is how all of Google’s services are again native since Chrome OS is Google’s operating system. Chrome OS is pretty much a virus and spyware free environment because of the very limited and striped down operating system. The Google Play Store for the Chrome OS is great and has tons of awesome apps for Chrome however not every app for Android is available for Chrome OS. Android app to Chrome OS integration is one of the features Google is currently working on to date to allow a more unified platform between the Chrome OS and Android OS. My Chromebook model is on the list below but I have not gotten them yet. The one thing I noticed about the Chromebook is the speed. It boots up in record time I literally can boot the device and login in matter of two minutes. One thing that’s nice about Chromebook is if you need to reload the operating system it takes under 15 minutes. The whole system was designed...