9Apps for Android is an applications cum store created by the China-based technology major Alibaba Group. It is all set to conquer the digital world with their technologic advancements and skills. 9Apps is a very versatile single icon all which can be downloaded in any mobile having android software. It’s a very powerful tool to have access to the different application by single click operation. It has witnessed a huge number of downloads in the past couple of years.

Some of the pros of 9Apps for Android that gives it an edge over others are as follows.

Compatible with all devices

One of the key advantages of 9apps is that it is compatible with all kinds of devices. It is available in all formats, desktops and laptops or PCs, tabs as well as on all Android supported mobile devices. There is nothing to worry about the device’s operating system as it works perfectly well on all the versions of Android.

Unlimited Apps

9Apps is like a sea. There is no limit to the number of apps in it. You always have the option to download as many apps as you require. It also helps you know the size of the particular app that you are downloading so as to let you know about the storage space it will require and how much space is available on your device. It helps you to prepare your device in advance. You can delete some unwanted apps to free up space on your device. If there is enough space in your device then there is no need to delete any space and you are good to go to download without any hurdle.

Easy App search

9Apps are very simple to operate. Searching an application has never been this easier and simpler as this. As per your requirement, you can search any app, only just by scrolling down on your mobile phone. It’s a hassle-free procedure.

Works at slow internet

The country is facing the problem of slow internet. Sometimes signals are weak for say at the time of monsoons. No need to worry. Compared to other apps, 9Apps loads away faster even when the internet signals are weak. It even works comparatively well even on 2G connections.

Single-click operation

It’s a single click operation on 9Apps. You can download any app with a single click. You just need to type the name of the app and then tap on the all to start its download.

The categorization of the applications is much more advanced than any other play store. At times it is difficult to search an application in any other store, but it’s very easy to search any app in 9Apps. It’s a new generation application applicable to be downloaded on all desktops.

To sum up, it’s perfect to download all the applications. From downloading the latest collections of wallpapers to the latest updated apps, from all the famous ringtones to the best gaming, music, news, social media apps, and many more, 9apps serves all the purposes.

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