I have dabbled in programming and app development for years but I have recently been getting many questions from readers asking me what languages and software I use for programming so I thought I would break it down for everyone and maybe expand on it more in later posts.

Languages I know


To start with I have to say I am mostly fluent in Python. Python is the programming language I fell in love with when I was in college and have been using it ever since. While I understand there are different languages for different things depending on the task I try to everything thing in this language because I am very familiar and comfortable with this language. Python while less structure then most makes it at times easier and simpler to use I know many programmers that prefer a more structured language for programming.


I am very fluent in HTML I would consider myself an expert in this language. I am defiantly very proficient at HTML. I use my HTML skills every day just dealing with the daily web tasks that I do every day for my website and dealing with tasks from customers from our parent company SLJ Digital Media. I would say HTML is a language I think everyone should have at least one class of along with one class of a programming language.


I use many versions of SQL I use Microsoft SQL, Oracle MySQL, and PHPAdmin. Database programming is another skill that I think anyone who wants to get into programming should have its essential. Anytime you collect data using a program you are going to need to store it somewhere and most likely in a database. The very popular WordPress platform is all SQL based and anyone who wants to host their own website or blog should know something about database programming to make troubleshooting easier.

The next few languages I have dabbled in and use from time to time, but I am far from an expert.


I use PowerShell from time to time when I am setting up Microsoft environments and run into a repetitive task that sometimes is easier to do with a script.

Visual Basic

I use this language once in a while when I need to script something like a login script or printer deployment things of that nature in a windows environment.


This is one language I can read through and troubleshoot but I have never tried to write something in .Net from scratch.

Languages I would like to learn will include Perl, Java, JavaScript, C++, and C#.