Today in the show we celebrate 100 episodes. We talk about the road to 100 with our guests Jesse and Randal from the Grawlix Podcast. We talk about joining the EMC network and picking a show schedule. We talk about video podcasting, YouTubing, and Vlogging. We get into live podcasting vs pretaped podcasts. Much Much More…

Join Me Today As We Talk About…..

  • Starting the podcast
  • Joining EMC network
  • Road to 100 episodes
  • Picking show schedule
  • Podcasting vs YouTubing
  • Editing A Podcast
  • Being on radio vs Podcasting
  • Podcast Hosting Discussion
  • Live Podcasting vs Pretaped
  • Podcast Studio
  • Video Podcasting vs YouTube
  • Premium Membership
  • Should Nightwing be on CW / Netflix / HBO?
  • Should Nightwing be a movie or TV Show?
  • Who could play the Nightwing?
  • Teen Titans Movie?
  • Can stand alone Nightwing movie pull in enough viewership?
  • Would a comic book hero do good on HBO?
  • Spawn on HBO

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