Over the last several years, the City of Rome has been implementing its decision to use free and open source software, that it made in October 2016. In April, the government in Rome completed the installation of LibreOffice, alongside a proprietary offering on all of its 14,000 computers. Now, the next phase of removing the proprietary suite is underway, starting with a group that uses office tools less than one hour per month.

During the transition period, workers will be able to begin using LibreOffice in order to become familiar with it, while staff members who use the proprietary office suite intensively will not be forced to switch. During the switch, 112 staff members who are in favour of free and open source software, will try to encourage their colleagues to use LibreOffice by explaining the reasons for the change. Those advocates received a two-day training course last month to give them more experience using the software, so that they are ready to train their colleagues.


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