YouTube Music launched in May to mixed reviews. Even though its song catalog matches Apple Music and Spotify’s (in addition to millions of videos pulled from YouTube) it arrived missing some essential features. Something as simple as sorting out your saved albums alphabetically, for example, isn’t an option. You also can’t browse by genre or easily see new albums from the week. But Google, which will replace Play Music with YouTube Music, is aware of these shortcomings and plans to address them soon.

The company told Engadget that it plans to rollout improvements on a regular schedule every two weeks. This includes much needed changes to the user interface, like being able to sort your albums by something other than recently added — which we’re told is “firmly on the roadmap.” Elias Roman, a product manager for YouTube Music, said that’s one of the reasons his team removed the “shared history” feature, which was creating a messy experience by mixing what a user listened to on YouTube Music and the YouTube video site.


I really think Google and YouTube are on the right track with YouTube Music.

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