Necessity gives birth to creative inventions. Some are thoughtful, some quirky, while the rest are original.  Whether you love gadgets or hate doing household chores, there a lot of gadgets that will make your life easier and will bring joy and convenience to anyone’s life.

Here are 13 household gadgets that will make your life more convenient and easier:

  1. Light Up Charging Cables

If you’re a person who constantly keeps charging your smartphone and other mobile devices, then this light up charging cables will come in handy. This funky charging cable lights up when your phone has finished charging. To preserve energy, the Light Up Charging Cable dims down, when the phone is charging.

  1. AquaNotes

Are you a person who gets creative while taking a shower? If yes, then maybe you’ll like this. The AquaNotes is a writing pad that you can use while taking a shower so that you don’t have to forget about any genius ideas or any shopping items you may need anymore.

  1. BiKN Tracking Device

If you keep losing your apartment keys, car keys or your phone, then the BiKN Tracking Device is the gadget that you can consider buying.  Just attach the BiKN Tracking Device to your keys; phone or any other valuable items, so you may never lose or forget them keep somewhere else again.

  1. Bottle Ice Cubes

If you always wished your favorite bottles drink to be cold forever, then this Bottle Ice Cubes Tray can get your problem solved. The Bottle Ice Cubes keeps your water and other drinks cool and refreshing wherever you go. This ingenious product is perfect for people who are energetic, have an active lifestyle and typically resides in hot and humid town or city.

  1. Compartment Pan

If you hate doing the dishes and want to save time on cleaning time, then the Compartment Pan is a great household item you should consider buying. With Compartment Pan you can cook multiple foods in the same pan, and after you are done, you can wash it all in one go. You don’t have to clean many pans. The Compartment Pan is highly suitable for one person, or a lot of people.

  1. Twister Fork

Who doesn’t like pasta with those delicious sauces? But are you finding it difficult to eat pasta without making a lot of mess? Introducing the Twister Fork!  This miracle fork will hold more pasta that your traditional fork without dropping or spilling any sauces. Sweet!

  1. Quintuple Bladed Herb Scissors

Love cooking? Then these handy Quintuple Bladed Herb Scissors is the perfect addition to your kitchen appliances. This five blade herb scissors will seamlessly cut herbs into the pasta, or foods as you cook.

  1. Credit Card Light Bulb

Want a flashlight that fits in your wallet or pocket? This Credit Card Lightbulb is actually an emergency flashlight that comfortably snugs into your wallet. Using it is pretty simple too. Just flip the bulb to switch on and done. It’s that simple.

  1. Pizza Scissors

Looking for something to cut and slice your pizzas? Then this nifty little gadget, Pizza Scissors will be of great help. Pizza Scissors guarantee a picture perfect pizza slice every time, without losing any of those yummy toppings. Now, that’s something!

  1. Sharky Tea Infuser

The Sharky Tea Infuser is unique and funny equipment for tea lovers. Just watching that shark fin swirling around your drink as it gets infused with the tea is time well spent!

  1. Remote Control Mop

Hate doing chores and mopping around the house? Let the Remote Control Mop do your job. This dandy little gadget will clean and mop the floors of your house or apartment. Besides, it’s also fun watching the Remote Control Mop in action! Who knew this possible now?

  1. Broom Groomer

Another excellent little gadget to help you with your household chores. The Broom Groomer is dustpan with step-on functionality with rubber bristles. These rubber bristles will prevent the dust and dirt to stick with the brush, turning it into an efficient and well-thought cleaning gadget.

  1. The Ultimate Wine Glass

This product pretty much explains itself. The Ultimate Wine Glass is a 750ml “glass like” utensil that will save you from topping up your drink now and then. A must have for any wine connoisseur.

So these are some of the gadgets that will make your easier and hassle free. If you know of any gadgets, don’t hesitant to share it with us at


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