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  • Adobe Systems Inc., the maker of popular digital design programs for creatives, is planning to launch the full version of its Photoshop app for Apple Inc.’s iPad as part of a new strategy to make its products compatible across multiple devices and boost subscription sales. The software developer is planning to unveil the new app at its annual MAX creative conference in October, according to people with knowledge of the plan. The app is slated to hit the market in 2019, said the people, who asked not to be identified discussing private product plans. Engineering delays could still alter that timeline. Bloomberg They already have it for Microsoft surface tablet I am kind of surprised they don’t have this already since Apple is the more popular platform for photoshop.
  • Beginning today, Microsoft Teams is available in a free version worldwide in 40 languages. This offer was designed for small businesses and groups of coworkers that don’t have commercial Office 365 subscriptions. Now with this great introductory experience, any group can use Teams as their hub for teamwork and discover the value of Office 365 as they grow and scale. Whether you’re a freelancer, a small business owner, or part of a team inside a larger organization, you can start using Teams today. The free version includes the following for up to 300 people Microsoft This does not surprise me as Microsoft really want to compete with Slack and some small businesses don’t have Office365 subscriptions.
  • The laptop gets a specs bump and borrows features from the iPad Pro, iMac Pro. Today, Apple begins shipping the new 2018 refresh of the 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro. The new machines are not major redesigns, but they offer configurations with 8th-generation Intel processors and more cores than before—a maximum of six cores on the 15-inch model (compared to four in last year’s models) and four in the 13-inch model (compared to two). That means faster performance for many use cases. Maximum SSD capacity is also doubled, and the MacBook Pro line offers DDR4 RAM for the first time. The laptops also borrow some features from the iMac Pro and the iPad Pro—the T2 chip and True Tone, respectively—and feature a revised butterfly keyboard, the third generation of the design Apple introduced in 2016 (the revision is a little more significant this time around). Apart from those tweaks to the keyboard, the basic design of the MacBook Pro is unchanged. ARSTechnica I knew they would add i8 processors eventually.
  • AT&T Inc said on Tuesday that it has agreed to buy privately held Silicon Valley-based startup AlienVault, allowing the telecommunications giant to expand its line of cybersecurity products targeted at small and medium businesses. The companies did not disclose the value of the deal, which they said they expect to close in the third quarter. AT&T is buying AlienVault as large telecommunications and technology companies including Cisco Systems Inc, International Business Machines Corp and Verizon Communications Inc expand sales of cybersecurity products, among the fastest growing segments of the technology industry. Business Insider I did not think AlienVault was worth that kind of money.
  • Garmin has announced three new additions to the Fenix 5 fitness tracker/smartwatch series. All arriving with Plus in their name, the Fenix 5 Plus; Fenix 5S Plus and Fenix 5X Plus are all successor models to the trio that launched in 2017. The Plus models add a multitude of new features to what we already thought was one of the best smart sports watches available to buy. Chief among the changes is routable maps for all models. This feature was previously reserved for the most expensive 5X in the old lineup Pocket-lint Garmin defiantly has come a long way from making GPS for cars to smartwatches great work by their leadership team.
  • Fitbit will be issuing a second software update later today to deal with a bug that can cause the Fitbit app to consume a large amount of mobile data. Some users have also reported an extra strain on battery life. So far its only the company’s Android app that has been affected. The San Francisco outfit first acknowledged the problem last week. This was after some of its customers turned to Twitter and Fitbit’s forum pages to flag up the issues. Gadgets and Wearables Fitbit is a company I am surprised Microsoft never acquired.
  • The arrival of AirPlay 2 on Sonos opens your home sound system up to a whole new world of listening possibilities—And way more. If your favorite streaming service feels like a giant virtual record shop (or movie store), think of Sonos as the gargantuan mall that houses it all: Your door-by-door selection of nearly any piece of sonic culture you could ever want. With over 80 content services plugged into the Sonos platform, countless songs, podcasts, TV shows, movies, radio broadcasts—you name it—are all a few taps away, ready to be piped throughout your home with clear, room-filling sound. But we know that this reservoir of content we call the sonic internet is constantly exploding—And so is your appetite for it. There’s more great stuff to stream than ever and we want to make it dead simple to enjoy it all on Sonos. That’s why we’re excited to announce the latest addition to the Sonos platform: AirPlay 2. Sonos People have been waiting a long time for this and great to do this right before IPO.
  • At a bachelor party two years ago in South Lake Tahoe, California, a tech worker who we’ll call Owen glanced down at his Fitbit in between snorting lines of cocaine. He noticed his heart rake had spiked to 150, an abnormally high level considering he’d been sitting for hours. “My heart rate only gets to 150 if I’m running, like really intense physical activity,” said Owen, who agreed to share his story on condition that we not use his real name. “If I’m in a really stressful work meeting, I might get close to 100 or 120.” CNBC  
  • Apple today released iOS 11.4.1, and while most of us are already looking ahead to all the new stuff coming in iOS 12, this small update contains an important new security feature: USB Restricted Mode. Apple has added protections against the USB devices being used by law enforcement and private companies that connect over Lightning to crack an iPhone’s passcode and evade Apple’s usual encryption safeguards. The Verge Apple once again thank you for the security.